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Uniquely Awesome Vegan Mother’s Days Gifts!

Alert the Media! Mother's Day Discount Code of 20% off! Mother's Day is coming soon and you probably have a person in your life that will be celebrating! Many | readmore


Sweet Mini Peppers: How to Marinate, Grill and Roast to Deliciousness

Vegan American Princess

Last year, at around this time, I posted a blog about the health benefits of portobello mushrooms and how I marinate and roast them to delicious tenderness. This | readmore


Jon Stewart Talks Pigs, Corned Beef and the Planet with Gene Baur, of “Living the Farm Sanctuary Life”

This is one video you'll want to watch! Jon Stewart hosting Gene Baur, co-author of the new book, "Living The Farm Sanctuary Life," on The Daily Show---it's hard | readmore