Edition #2: VAP’s Top 5 Picks For A Vegan Week In Review

TGIF! Yet another work week has flown by, and the vegan world continues to move and shake. More exciting vegan news, recipes, podcasts and articles have been flying | readmore


9 Prize-Winning, Kid-Friendly, Easy Vegan Recipes

In a world of soda and fast-food, how do we motivate kids to eat healthily?  We can put all the great suggestions from professionals into action: • we can have | readmore


Taste Test of 3 Gardein Entrees plus Recipe for Ellen’s Easy BBQ Sauce

No one wants to cook every night even if they simply love the adventures of creating culinary delights! I tend to cook more dinners than not in an average week and, | readmore


Quick & Easy Summer Dinner: Cucumbers Stuffed with Veggie Burger Crumbles, topped with Avocado Hummus & a side of Jicama Salad

When you need to use what you have in the fridge and freezer to whip up a quick, delicious and fun to eat meal, this simple menu will do the trick.  The only thing I | readmore


Dr. Fuhrman’s New Kitchen Rules To Lose Weight And Reverse Disease Plus Apple Carrot Beet Pie Recipe

Dr. Joel Fuhrman appeared on the Dr. Oz Show yesterday to talk about his New Kitchen Rules To Lose Weight And Reverse Disease. Dr. Fuhrman recommended Two Kitchen | readmore


The Veggie-Lover’s Sriracha Cookbook by Randy Clemens

If you love Sriracha sauce and are searching for recipes to spice up your veggies, there's a new cookbook that I'm ordering at this very moment, called The | readmore


Is Costco Going Vegan?

Nope, not really, and yet.... I have to admit I do enjoy the shopping experience at Costco and I'm finding that they just keep on increasing their organic, | readmore


Cooking With “Nooch”…also known as Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast really IS nutritious and it really IS yeast.  But why is it interesting to us in plant-based cooking and why couldn't it have a cool, exotic name | readmore


Baked Eggplant “Filets” with Lemon Sauce

Obviously, I am aware that to call my dish Eggplant “Filets” implies that I have removed the “bones!”  Isn't that a beautiful thing---vegans never have to worry | readmore


Vegan Super Bowl Winners

Some of us actually watch the Super Bowl and others need to busy themselves with discussing the pretty colors of the uniforms, rating the halftime show and | readmore

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