Fabulous Fennel: Big Health Benefits from Dr. Oz’s Fennel Tea, Ina Garten’s Crusty Fennel Casserole & Raw Fennel Salad

Fabulous Fennel: Big Health Benefits from Dr. Oz's Fennel Tea, Ina Garten's Crusty Fennel Casserole & Raw Fennel Salad

Fennel: a nutrient packed green and white vegetable that looks like a celery crossed with an onion with a fringe of dill-like leaves but tastes like none of the | readmore


Touchdown! Football Game Day Menu: 7 Kick-Off Recipes!

Watching the Super Bowl or any college or pro football game, for that matter, requires a steady flow of tasty, delicious food to snack on! Whether you watch or just | readmore


Simple & Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Make Your Holiday Cruelty-Free!

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, Ellen and I have decided to gather up some wonderful recipes for a cruelty-free holiday. Who needs a dead bird at the | readmore


Vegan Mexican Tortilla Soup: Super Easy & Awesome!

Tortilla Soup “vegan-style” is just as easy and delicious as its carnivorous alter-ego.  You won’t be missing anything in this recipe---it’s loaded with Mexican | readmore


Winter Squash Recipes for Every Day & Holidays (all plant-based, of course!)

Butternut | Acorn | Kabocha | Spaghetti | Pumpkin Many of us mistakenly think of winter squash as a sort of special vegetable---a high maintenance side dish that | readmore


6 Easy & Delish Salad Dressings Using Hummus!

I wish hummus had a much cooler name or, at the very least, a name that accurately reflected how delicious it is! I’ve heard it made fun of in more than one movie. | readmore


12 Fish You Should Never Eat!

THE EXPERTS WEIGH IN! Surprising Vegan Options at Sushi Restaurants! Have you increased the amount of fish in your diet because you've read that it's a | readmore


Recipes For A Vegan Rosh Hashana & Much More!

Since I am a Long Island Princess, I feel that it is my duty to give you some recipe suggestions for the Jewish New Year. I tried to pick foods which will not only | readmore


Review of the Veggetti: Turning Veggies into Spirals of “Pasta”

...Why you Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love the Veggetti! Yes, you CAN easily turn vegetables into spaghetti! (Translation: Yes, you can cut carbs and calories and | readmore


Game-Changer Cauliflower “Couscous” — Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo & Nutrient-Packed!

One of the beautiful things about cauliflower, besides being ridiculously healthy and good for us, is its chameleon-like ability to substitute for foods that we | readmore

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