There’s a Tea for That: 19 Brews for All That Ails You!


PLUS…Caffeine Chart for Tea, Coffee and Common Beverages

There's a Tea for That: 19 Brews for All that Ails You

Are you the type of person who looks forward to your routine of enjoying a nice cup of tea at 4 pm every day? Or do you always forget that that there are other beverages out there besides coffee, water or (gasp!) Diet Coke? If you are doing mindful, active things to benefit your health (like eating right, exercising, socializing, meditating, playing with your dog…whatever), then why aren’t you drinking tea? Maybe you’re not aware that drinking tea should be part of your daily health routine! Thenit’s teatime for you, baby!

Various types of tea, concoctions and infusions were used and enjoyed for many, many centuries before medicine was developed. Their health benefits abound! So much so, that I needed to build a little reference guide for myself so that I could keep straight which teas are beneficial for what ailment.

images-2And not only can they cure what ails you but many teas contain 10 times the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, with almost zero calories! But please don’t even think of drinking tea as a substitute for your daily dose of antioxidants—load up on whole, plant-based foods along with daily cups of tea for maximum health benefits!

Teas that come from the Camellia sinensis shrub, (black teas, green teas, white teas and oolong teas) contain varying amounts of caffeine. Many people seem to be misinformed about the comparison between the amount of caffeine in coffee, teas, soda and other beverages so at the end of this posting, I have included a chart containing this information.

Whether bagged, loose, infused or combined into tasty mixtures, I raise my cup of tea to your health!


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• protects lungs from damage caused by cigarette smoke
• reduces risk of stroke
• lower cholesterol levels
• expands airways, benefiting asthmatics
• sharpens mental focus and concentration
• reduces diarrhea, helps gastric upset
naturally caffeinated, avg. 14-61 milligrams per serving


• provides antioxidants
• contains high levels of Vitamin C
• remedies diarrhea
• helps sore throats when gargled
• soothes gastrointestinal distress
• helps regulate both heavy and light menstrual flow


• induces sleep and calmness
• relieves anxiety
• soothes nausea, indigestion and stomacheaches
• relieves a cough from throat irritation
• may prevent complications from diabetes, like vision loss, nerve and kidney damage
• may slow the growth of cancer cells
• safe for children
• can be used in healing compresses
Warning: should be avoided by people who take blood thinners or who have allergies to ragweed


• reduces cold symptoms
• reduces nausea
• eases bloating, gas and indigestion
• increases blood flow and circulation
• soothes a sore throat

http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-7674335-11318220ECHINACEA TEA

• relieves pain
• reduces inflammation
• benefits the immune system
• shortens the duration of the common cold
• provides antioxidants and is antibacterial


• reduces nausea
• prevents or helps motion sickness
• mildly sedative and encourages rest
• soothes a sore throat and inflammation of mucus membranes
• reduces pain
• antiseptic and antioxidant
Warning: do not exceed 4 grams of ginger daily, can cause oral irritation, heartburn and diarrhea

http://www.dpbolvw.net/n0116gv30v2IQPQNMMOIKKQNSMQM?sid=7674335GREEN TEA

• contains antioxidants that may slow the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic and colorectal cancer
• helps prevent clogging of the arteries
• aids in burning fat, interferes with fat formation in the body
• counteracts oxidative stress on the brain, reducing risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
• reduces the risk of stroke
• improves cholesterol
• lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
• helps detoxify the bood
• positively affects tissues of the eyes, especially related to the retina
naturally caffeinated, avg. 20-40 milligrams per serving

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• improves cardiovascular health
• relaxes and dilates blood vessels
• relieves water retention
• can help strengthen the heart muscle and counteract angina and heart rhythm
• promotes recovery from infectious disease, such as influenza and strep throat


• natural diuretic
• lowers systolic blood pressure

http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=9IDTvXNwk9A&offerid=303268.152&type=4&subid=0">LEMON BALM TEA

• helps fight viruses like shingles, mumps and cold sores
• calms anxiety and nerves
• aids in sleep
• reduces heartburn
• reduces nausea


• calms nerves and anxiety
• improves circulation
• aids in digestion
• aids in treating high blood pressure
• acts as mild diuretic to reduce fluid retention


• alleviates coughs and colds

• reduces anxiety and relieves insomnia
• induces perspiration and reduces fevers
Warning: limit intake for those with heart disease


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• imparts a feeling of well-being
• high in antioxidants
• protects against cardiovascular disease
• protects against many types of cancer
• slows the aging process
• reduces harmful blood cholestrol
• stabilizes blood sugar levels
* helps reduce high blood pressure
• enhances body’s resistance to many toxins


• antioxidants lower bad cholesterol levels
• helps dissolve blood triglycerides
• helps burn more calories
• sharpens thinking skills and improves mental alertness
• prevents tooth decay, osteoporosis and heart disease
• cuts risk of ovarian cancer
naturally caffeinated, avg. 30 milligrams per serving

http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-7674335-10837155PEPPERMINT (MINT) TEA

• reduces nasal congestion for cold & flus
• counteracts motion sickness
• reduces pain and bloating from gas
• soothes irritable bowel syndrome
• stimulated liver and gall bladder functions
• relieves symptoms of headaches
• reduces cramping from diarrhea
• induces sweating, which could reduce fever
• relieves nausea without vomiting
• cures minor cases of bad breath
• contains B Vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin and folic acid
Warning: may worsen acid reflux and never give to infants or small children


• contains health-boosting bacteria
• reduces cardiovascular disease risks factors, like obesity and elevated blood sugar


• boosts immune system
• improves adrenal function
• naturally high concentration of Vitamin C
• provides minerals: calcium, iron, silicon, selenium, natural sodium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and zinc
• increases energy
• heals tissues and cells

http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=9IDTvXNwk9A&offerid=350688.27&subid=0&type=4">TURMERIC TEA

• reduces accumulated plaque associated with Alzheimer’s
• reduces inflammation of the neural tissue
• broad anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects


• potent anti-cancer fighting properties
• improved glucose tolerance
• reduced LDL cholesterol
• strengthens elastin and collagen, inhibiting wrinkle production and sagging skin
naturally caffeinated, avg. 15-55 milligrams per serving


http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=9IDTvXNwk9A&offerid=303268.152&type=4&subid=0">Caffeine Comparisons

  • Espresso 1 oz.                      40-75 mg caffeine
  • Espresso Decaf 1 oz.          0-15 mg caffeine
  • Coffee, 8 oz.                         95-200 mg. caffeine
  • Coffee Decaf, 8 oz.             2-12 mg caffeine
  • Black Tea, 8 oz.                   14-61 mg caffeine
  • Black Tea, Decaf, 8 oz.     0-12 mg caffeine
  • Green Tea, 8 oz.                  24-40 mg. caffeine
  • White Tea, 8 oz.                  15-55 mg. caffeine
  • Coca-Cola Classic, 12 oz. 30-35 mg. caffeine
  • Diet Coke, 12 oz.                  38-47 mg. caffeine
  • Sprite, 12 oz.                         0
  • 5-Hour Energy, 2 oz.         207 mg. caffeine
  • Red Bull, 8.4 oz.                    76-80 mg. caffeine

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xox Enjoy!




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