Vegan American Princess: The Passion Behind Our Vegan Blog

veganlogo1Now that Vegan American Princess is a little more than one year old, Ellen and I want to get personal with you and tell you why our vegan blog is so important to us.

If you’ve read our “About” section, you already know that my friendship with Ellen began in college. Although we began raising our families in the same Long Island neighborhood, Ellen relocated to California with her family about 10 years ago and our lives went in different directions.

Ellen and I reconnected at a mutual friend’s party in New Jersey in 2011. At that time, I had been vegan for about 2 years and was thinking of starting a blog to share my journey and all that I had learned about veganism with the world. I was thrilled to discover that Ellen was pursuing a plant-based diet too, although she was not vegan at that time. I told her about my “Vegan American Princess” blog idea which she immediately thought was a good one. In fact, she encouraged me to buy the domain for the name as soon as possible which I did.

Once I began blogging in the Spring of 2012, I just couldn’t stop. I found a new passion and purpose in my life which I was able to pursue because my children were growing older. As time passed, my passion continued and I was hopeful that I was making some difference in the world no matter how small. When Ellen expressed a desire to join me in my little adventure, I was thrilled.

Ellen started blogging with me in January 2013, and has since become as committed to veganism as I am. For the record, she is the only vegan I know, to date, other than my brother. I love the fact that Ellen could blog about vegan “stuff” in Los Angeles, while I am covering veganism from a New York perspective.

Over the past few months, our commitment to Vegan American Princess has grown even stronger and we are unwavering in our beliefs that we could provide useful information to anyone who is vegan, who dabbles in veganism, who is curious about veganism, or who wants to make some simple changes in the direction of a vegan lifestyle.

We blog about all things related to veganism because we are vegans for every reason that people choose to become vegans. We care about our health, the health of our planet, the welfare of animals, and all things in between. We can no longer separate these issues because we feel that they are all connected. We also believe that veganism is not a trend, but is here to stay. People are choosing this way of life all over the world, and the vegan community continues to grow with each passing day. We agree with Ari Solomon of Mercy For Animals when he says that “we are the future.”

We hope you feel our dedication and passion when you visit our site, and that the information we provide helps you in some way. We don’t judge, and would welcome any questions or comments you may have.

Love and Peace,

Debby and Ellen







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