Archives for March 2014


VAP Beauty Product Review: Pacifica, Zoya, Poo-Pourri, Hugo’s Naturals & Allafia

My love for trying out new beauty products goes back to my teen years when $5 could go a long way at the drugstore, while cruising the aisles looking at the new nail | readmore


Debby’s Vegan Fashion Finds For Spring 2014

For many people, the month of March represents the end of a long and dreary winter, the anticipation of spring, and new beginnings. For me, it's a time when I feel | readmore


Enriched, Good-For-You “Tieman’s Fusion Coffee” & the Health Benefits in Your Coffee Cup

Coffee and me---why do I always feel so guilty about my very enjoyable relationship with Java Joe? The many recent reports of the benefits of drinking coffee have | readmore


Yummilicious “Skinny Bitch” Thai Coconut Soup Recipe

Whether you are an avid cookbook collector, a quickie online recipe-grabber or a naturally gifted home cook, there are cookbooks that seem to become your own | readmore


Breville’s One-Touch Tea Maker & My Favorite David’s Teas

As a longtime lover of loose-leaf teas, I finally took the plunge and splurged on Breville's One-Touch Tea Maker. I've had my eye on this baby ever since I saw it on | readmore


Customize Your Sneakers with Style & Spirit by CPF Designs!

Many people love wearing clothing, accessories, shoes, and yes, sneakers, that express their personalities, their moods, their musical tastes, and especially, their | readmore