4 Berry Chia Pudding: Guilt-Free & Delicious!

We always look forward to picking up an colorful assortment of berries at our local farmers market each weekend and the crop is always beautiful, as there are many | readmore


Fuel Your Metabolism & Burn Fat: Health Benefits of MCT Lean Vegan Protein Powder & MCT Oil…plus Special Discount for our Readers!


SCROLL DOWN FOR SMOOTHIE RECIPES At Vegan American Princess, we get lots of questions about protein. Protein-packed drinks and smoothies really ensure that you're | readmore


2 Great Vegan Desserts: Frozen Vegan Yogurt Berry Pie & Vegan Apple Cobbler

I'm such a dessert lover and, in my alternate reality, every meal would start with dessert and end with salad. But since I'm living in the real world and so are you, | readmore


Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts Prepared 3 Ways…Healthy & Addictive

I'm convinced that crispy delicious Brussels sprouts are truly addictive. After a morning of tennis, my tennis buddies and I often go out for lunch to a local | readmore


Refreshing Pineapple Parfait Express: A Delish Vegan Piña Colada Treat!

  It's easy to get into the warm, tropical feeling when you've got beautiful weather and a fragrant, ripe pineapple sitting on your counter begging to be cut | readmore


6 Easy, Award-Winning Fake Bacon Recipes….Hard to Believe It’s This Simple!

Creating the closest thing to bacon without using any animal-derived ingredients might seem like an impossible goal, so why even bother to go after it, you might | readmore


The Best & Easiest Garbanzo Bean Salad Recipe.. plus Health Benefits of the ‘Chic’ Chickpea!

DO YOU LOVE TUNA SALAD and EGG SALAD?   ....then I have good news for you! I have to admit that, years ago, pre-vegan, I used to eat a lot of  tuna salad | readmore


GO BLUE Blueberry & Lemon Cupcakes: Celebrate Your Team Spirit!!

If you’re super passionate about your beloved sports teams, whether it’s college, high school or professional (or all 3 if you’re a typical crazy fan), you certainly | readmore


Michael Pollan Discusses “Cooked” At The 92nd Street Y + Recipe For Debby’s Favorite Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding

A couple of nights ago, I had the great pleasure of watching acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan speak about his most recent best-selling book Cooked at the 92nd | readmore


Grain Brain…Wheat Belly…Atkins: Dr. McDougall Takes a Stand Against Them & Why!

Are you on a "Low Carb-High Protein" Diet? Have you tried or are thinking about these popular eating plans? •  "Grain Brain" by Dr. David Perlmutter  • | readmore

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