Edition #2: VAP’s Top 5 Picks For A Vegan Week In Review

TGIF! Yet another work week has flown by, and the vegan world continues to move and shake. More exciting vegan news, recipes, podcasts and articles have been flying around the Internet this past week, and VAP was there to catch them all. We are happy to share some of our favorite highlights just in case you missed them.

Here are VAP’s Top 5 Picks For This Vegan Week In Review

1. GQ Sports’ Article Entitled “Arian Foster: The NFL’s Unstoppable Vegan”

imagesIn this article, GQ Sports gives 10 reasons why the Houston Texan, Arian Foster, is currently their favorite running back. Reason #1 is that Foster led the NFL in touchdowns last season–his 3rd straight with a dozen or more. The other 9 reasons involve him being the most unusual, most interesting rusher in the game.

VAP likes Reason #8 the most…”Because he’s a vegan. Ok, ‘mostly vegan,’ he says, ‘supplemented with the occasional chicken or fish dish.'” No judgments here! We are thrilled that this superstar athlete is putting his name and face on the “mostly vegan” label.

Click here to read the GQ Sports’ Article About The NFL’s Unstoppable Vegan, Arian Foster.

2. Patricia Sheridan’s Breakfast Interview With Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. In The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

UnknownThis interview is a must read! Find out what Dr. Esselstyn has to say about his own personal commitment to a plant-based diet, the challenges associated with his mission to change the American diet, and the additions he would make to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease today if he could.

“Having the USDA design a food pyramid for the public is like having Al Capone do your taxes.”

-Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.

Click here to read Ms. Sheridan’s Informative Breakfast Interview With Dr. Esselstyn.

3. Actress Mayim Bialik Discusses How Her Compassionate Vegan Lifestyle Aligns With Her Jewish Faith

UnknownWith Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur approaching, actress Mayim Bialik hopes to inspire members of the Jewish community to adopt a vegetarian diet, or at least embrace more plant-based options. In a recent article on the website of the Jewish Vegetarian Society, Ms. Bialik discusses how her compassionate vegan lifestyle aligns with her faith.

“There is a strong emphasis in Judaism on humane maintenance and use of animals. We respect other creatures and, of course, Adam and Eve were vegetarian before the Fall and exile from Eden”, said Bialik, “Tikkun Olam lends itself to us using our body and lifestyle to do our part to repair the world. For me, veganism is very consistent with that.”

Click here to read the article on the website of the Jewish Vegetarian Society.

4. Our Hen House’s Podcast Episode#189 Featuring Actress Emily Deschanel 

images-1In this episode, Emily Deschanel, star of the hit TV show Bones, chats with Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan about her 20 year anniversary as a vegan. Ms. Deschanel talks about how the world has changed since she first ditched the animal products, and how she gets animal rights messages into “Bones.” She’ll also walk you through a day of her favorite vegan food.

You can listen to the podcast directly on Our Hen House’s blog, or you can listen and subscribe on iTunes.

5. 3 Recipes For Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise From Treehugger

images-2Did you ever want to whip up a batch of homemade vegan mayonnaise at a moment’s notice, but you weren’t quite sure how to do it? Well, look no further. This past week, Treehugger posted 3 recipes for homemade vegan mayonnaise, and they are so simple that it no longer makes sense to run to the store to purchase the pre-made stuff in the jar. Only a few basic ingredients are required for each of them, such as olive and canola oils, soy milk, and silken tofu. Anyone can make these “mayos,” even you! VAP is always on the lookout for easy and useful recipes, and Treehugger made us proud with these.

Click here for 3 Easy Recipes For Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise.

There you have it…VAP’s Top 5 Picks For This Vegan Week In Review. Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great weekend!




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