Roasting Golden Beets & Simple, Delicious Recipe

photo 5Even though I love beets of all sizes, shapes and colors, golden beets just seem the most special to me!  Maybe because they don’t make my hands all purple and pink. Maybe it’s because they seem regal in their goldness. Or maybe it’s because they seem more unusual, as I had never seen them growing up.  I had only watched the older generation eat cold, pickled pink beets which just seemed weird then and not appetizing at all. (Now, I love those too!) Golden beets seem like the royal, bejeweled queens of the beet world but I know I shouldn’t discriminate—they’re all good, nutritious and beautiful! Beets are high in fiber, folate, potassium, manganese and vitamin C and also supply iron, phosphorus and copper.  In the past, I’ve always boiled beets of every and all colors, then cooled them and peeled them. When a friend of mine heard that I had never roasted them, she was aghast and shocked! “Never?! Well, roasting them is BEST way to cook them for so much more flavor!!” Feeling either left out or challenged, I’m not sure which, I definitely needed to roast some beets and see for myself. So I went to the farmer’s market and picked up some very golden beets and started off with the easiest method and the results were fabulous!  More robust flavor bursting with beetiness!

Simple, Delicious Roasted Golden Beets with Grape Tomatoes

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3 medium golden beets

splash of olive oil

splash of apple cider vinegar

bunch of grape tomatoes

sprinkle of powdered garlic

fresh chopped or dried dill

salt and pepper to taste


1) Set oven at 350 degrees

2)  Cut off beet leaves close to the top of the beet (Keep leaves to saute later in garlic and oil)

3) Wash beets well

4) Cover a small baking dish with foil

5) Place whole beets on foil

6) Brush lightly with olive oil

7) Cover the baking sheet with another sheet of foil and fasten around the edges

8) Roast for 60-90 minutes based on the size of the beets, checking every 20 minutes

9)  If they seem like they’re drying out, drip a couple of spoons of water over them

10)  They’re done when you can easily put a fork in them

11)  Take out and let cool

12) Peel the skin off under cool water

13)  Quarter beets into smallish cubes

14)  Toss with some olive oil, apple cider vinegar, grape tomatoes, powdered garlic and dried dill

15)  Serve as is, or refrigerate

xox Ellen

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  1. Before I became vegan, I despised beets. Now they are my absolute favorite vegetable! Golden beets are even more amazing! I never made them with grape tomatoes. Can’t wait to try!

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