Seasons 52 Fresh Grill And Wine Bar

I highly recommend Seasons 52 restaurant for a place to dine with non-vegan friends and family (for me, this is always). I recently went there for dinner with my veg-friendly husband, Jeff, and our carnivorous friends, Pam and Rob, who had previously dined at Seasons 52 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Since they were quite impressed, they suggested that we all go to the Long Island restaurant in Garden City which they knew had vegan options for me. Thank you for thinking of me, Pam and Rob!!!

Seasons 52 prides itself as a “fresh grill and wine bar” with “seasonally inspired choices”. In addition to their vast menu, the restaurant offers 6 alternative menus: lactose-free, low sodium, gluten-free, garlic-free, vegetarian and vegan. When we arrived, I indulged in a “Strawberry-Skinny Martini” with strawberry-infused “Prairie” organic vodka, pineapple coconut water and agave nectar (160 calories). I guess the drink was really good because I forgot to take photos of my meal, which I usually do for my restaurant reviews.

In any event, Jeff ordered an Organic Mixed Greens Salad and Ponzu-Glazed Tofu. I ordered the Cranberry-Almond Tabbouleh and Farmer’s Market Vegetable Plate. Everything was great and we really appreciated being able to dine in an establishment which caters to all.

Seasons 52 is clear proof that vegan is going mainstream. They have 30 locations throughout the country with more on the way. My “hats off” to this restaurant chain for growing with the times. For your information, the Seasons 52 in Garden City is located at 630 Old Country Road near the Roosevelt Field Shopping Center.