3 Delicious Vegan Caesar Dressing Recipes plus 2 Creative Crouton Ideas

Vegan Caesar Dressing Topped with Chickpea Salad

A great Caesar Salad was always one of my favorites, pre-vegan, and for a while I didn't really miss not having it. Once I realized how easy it was to "veganize" | readmore


Vegan Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad: Delicious Crowd Pleaser!

Vegan Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

Everyone seems to love Caesar Salad but new twists on the old favorite are always welcome, especially when it's as delicious as this recipe! A friend served this at | readmore


Delicious Granny Apple-Fennel Slaw

Vegan American Princess

Delicious Granny Apple-Fennel Slaw ... When I say "fennel," the reaction I get is either enthusiastic love or a wrinkled nose! I don't know which camp you're in. | readmore


Veganize Your Fourth Of July Celebration

Since the Fourth of July is only a few days away, I decided to search VAP's website for some great food ideas for a vegan celebration. Of course, some of the old | readmore