Veganize Your Fourth Of July Celebration

images-2Since the Fourth of July is only a few days away, I decided to search VAP’s website for some great food ideas for a vegan celebration. Of course, some of the old standbys would work such as marinated tofu kabobs, Field Roast sausages on the grill, Lightlife Tofu Pups or your favorite store-bought vegan burgers. We have some other suggestions too!

images-5How about starting off with some enticing Pineapple-Chili Margaritas or some of my favorite fresh guacamole?


4901_88456907869_1367588_n1This Asian-Style Bok Choy Salad is a favorite among the women in my neighborhood, and will feed about 10-15 people as an appetizer or side dish.

IMG_1771-1If this type of salad is not your thing, what about a fresh summer Spring Mix Salad With Figs and Pomegranate Citrus Vinaigrette?

pom_saladEllen’s Easy Marinated Portobello Mushrooms would be perfect on the grill!

photo-1Or what about grilling some Gardenburger Malibu Vegan Burgers and topping them with some fresh guacamole, Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde, Tomatoes and Cilantro? You could even float them on a Coco Lite Pop Cake Raft, instead of placing them on the usual burger bun.

Malibu-burger-on-cocolite-560x454 2Broccolette With Sundried Tomatoes, Cannellini Beans and Garlic would make an excellent and colorful side dish…

IMG_1956 2So would a wonderful bean salad!

photo-31-560x418Or Couscous With Figs & Pistachios

figcouscous2-1-2A lovely Ratatouille With Fresh Summer Vegetables would be nice too!

IMG_4333-560x420 2Make sure to have some naturally fermented pickles on hand which would be perfect at any barbecue or gathering. These are the brands which I recommend…

IMG_1957 2For dessert, you can serve some vegan creamsicles

images-1Or a simple decadent vegan chocolate pie

IMG_8330-560x420Or if you don’t want to prepare dessert, this Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss Ginger Cookie Caramel Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert is killer!

flavors_gingercookiecaramel_0Naturally, you may want some cold beer for your 4th of July gathering. Click here to see PETA’s list of suitable brands of beer for vegans.

Unknown-2Have a wonderful holiday weekend, but don’t forget to keep your pets safe when the 4th of July fireworks explode like “bombs bursting in air.” That may really spook them!





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