Off The Reservation: An Inspiring Vegan Novel by Glen Merzer

photo copy“Off The Reservation” is a wildly entertaining novel by Glen Merzer, co-author (with Howard F. Lyman) of the sensational book “Mad Cowboy”…

Who doesn’t love a wildly entertaining book, especially one that’s extremely funny, insightful and addresses the country’s most important ethical and political issues of the twenty-first century?

I’ve read many books about animal cruelty, veganism, environmental atrocities, and the current problems involving American politics, but I’ve never read a book which addresses all of these issues in the form of an engaging fictional novel! This is precisely what makes Glen Merzer’s Off The Reservation such a unique and intriguing reading experience. Not only is Off The Reservation a story written with intelligence, wit and humor, but it cleverly asks its readers to imagine what might actually happen if we decided to take a straightforward and honest approach to American politics.

“Glen Merzer’s ‘Off The Reservation’ is as politically savvy and poetically literate a book as I have read in a long while. It is a completely gorgeous and rewarding experience.”

-Actor Jason Alexander

In case you’re not aware, Glen Merzer co-authored the extremely informative book Mad Cowboy with Howard F. Lyman, depicting Mr. Lyman’s journey from being a fourth-generation Montana cattle rancher (with a spinal tumor) to a healthy vegetarian.  In fact, it was Howard Lyman’s testimony on The Oprah Winfrey Show which exposed the livestock industry as a culprit in damaging our country’s health and environmental well-being. This led to Oprah’s declaration that she would “never eat a burger again” and well-publicized trial wherein a group of Texas cattlemen sued her, her production company (Harpo Productions), and Mr. Lyman as joint culprits in Food Disparagement.

“I literally couldn’t put down this superbly-written book once I began to read. Why? Because ‘Off The Reservation’ is wildly entertaining and deeply inspiring. And because I laughed out loud so many times I lost count. What a fabulous, powerful, meaningful book!”

-John Robbins, author, Diet for a New America and Food Revolution

In any event, Off The Reservation is a delightful and amusing story in which its compelling main character, Congressman Evan Gorgoni, tackles the most important political run of his life (you guessed it…for the presidency!) by taking “the road less travelled”… with honesty, integrity and truth! Those closest to him question his unorthodox and “never-before-seen” campaign approach which makes for quite a comical read. One can only dream of a real-life politician taking such a forthright approach in any campaign, let alone a presidential campaign!

“President Clinton famously said, ‘it’s the economy, stupid.’ I say, it’s the food, stupid. We need to eat healthier food, and stop being the sickest, fattest population ever to walk the face of the earth…”

“…The elegant solution is always the simplest one. Eat healthy food.”

“Here is an extraordinary proposition. Listen carefully because I don’t believe you’ve ever heard a politician speak these words before. Health is more important than health insurance. I will do my best to lead our government towards policies that maximize health, health insurance be damned.”

-Excerpts from Evan Gorgoni’s speech in “Off The Reservation

The portrayal of the Gorgoni family as vegans made Off The Reservation particularly interesting for me. References are made throughout the story about the family’s vegan lifestyle and the foods they eat, such as nut cheese and garlic flaxseed crackers. In fact, 20 vegan recipes by Joanna Samorow-Merzer are provided at the end of the book which look simple and delicious. Who wouldn’t love some fabulous bonus recipes at the end of a great novel?

Mr. Merzer’s wonderful new novel asks the question “Is America ready for its first vegan President?” What do you think?

Given that both Bill Clinton and Al Gore have embarked upon vegan diets, I could actually imagine the real possibility of a vegan family in the White House, couldn’t you? And imagining such a scenario is extremely easy while reading Glen Merzer’s intelligent, funny and relevant “one-of-a-kind” story involving a vegan family heading towards The White House. 

I highly suggest that you read this wonderful novel, Off The Reservation, which is clearly “on the mark” in highlighting the most important issues we currently face as a nation. And who wouldn’t want those 20 amazing vegan bonus recipes too?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I give it a “two thumbs up!”

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  1. Lynne Murray says:

    I am half way through this book – Off the Reservation and am truly loving it! I wish Evan Gorgoni was a real person running for president!

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