Archives for May 2013


Vintage Style Jars From Ball’s American Heritage Collection

How in the world could someone possibly get excited over a few glass jars? Sounds crazy, I know! However, it is possible that someone could fall in love with glass | readmore


Roasted Butternut Squash, “Teeny Tiny” Potatoes And Tuscan Kale With Pecan Parmesan

Lately, I've been just too lazy to chop up vegetables for dinner. So how have I been preparing my meals? I've been buying pre-chopped vegetables, peeled garlic in | readmore


Vegan Future & Israel’s Omri Paz

Maybe you're like me when you think of Israeli food---a toasted pita filled with falafel, couched in an Israeli salad of freshly diced cucumbers and tomatoes | readmore


Dr. Fuhrman’s Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

There are so many miracles in life which just cannot be explained. How can an early morning sunrise be that beautiful? Why do the precious toes and fingers of | readmore


Life Of Pi Through My Vegan Eyes

Last night, I was confined to my bed with an ice pack after injuring my back on the tennis court. My husband, Jeff, suggested that I watch the movie Life Of Pi. He | readmore


Zero Calorie Noodles? Shirataki!

Maybe you've seen the strange bags of what looks like noodles floating in water in the market, as I have, but haven't been brave enough to buy them or even know what | readmore


Random Vegan Stuff I Am Loving

I just wanted to share some of my recent vegan "finds." Since I have been using and loving them for a couple of months now, I'm really excited to tell you all about | readmore


Petit Vour

Today I received my first box from Petit Vour, a monthly subscription for delivery of vegan cruelty-free beauty products which come in mini sizes. Petit Vour is an | readmore


Debby Sunshine At The Sid Jacobson JCC In East Hills, NY

I just wanted to notify everyone who lives on or near Long Island that I will be appearing at the Sid Jacobson JCC, located at 300 Forest Drive in East Hills, New | readmore


From Doctors, to Doctors: Less Pills & Surgery, More Fruits & Vegetables

"Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates, father of modern medicine We know that adopting a plant-based diet is growing and it's been | readmore