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Image 5-23-13 at 7.28 PMI just wanted to share some of my recent vegan “finds.” Since I have been using and loving them for a couple of months now, I’m really excited to tell you all about them.

My first “find” is Julep Nail Color in the colors “Taylor” and “Teri.” Of course, Julep makes a wide assortment of colors, but these colors are the ones that I sampled and purchased at Sephora. “Taylor” is a gorgeous blue color, somewhere in between an azure and a cornflower blue. “Teri” is the perfect summertime coral color which looks great on both the fingers and toes.

Julep Nail Color

Julep Nail Color

Here is a shot of “Taylor” on my toes in the nail salon right after my pedicure was completed. Sorry, I didn’t take any sexy photos of the coral “Teri” color. I’m sure you have a big appetite for lunch now, huh?

photo copy 3In case you didn’t know, many nail polish brands are not vegan since they use pigments from insects, as well as fish scales and oyster shells to achieve the metallic colors. Red pigments often come from crushed female beetles too! However, Julep is a toxin-free vegan brand which uses aluminum powder instead of animal products to add iridescence to select colors. For your information, other brands of vegan nail polishes are Butter London, Elf, BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty), No-Miss, Zoya, Obsessive Compulsive and Misa.

In addition to the Julep Nail Colors, I am loving this tote/mini-duffle bag from Deux Lux. Believe it or not, I found it at TJ Maxx, although I don’t remember the price I paid for it. I have been taking it with me just about everywhere, including to the gym, shopping and to tennis tournaments. It holds my I Pad, tennis balls and tons of other stuff, and it has a sturdy zipper to keep everything contained. This is very important because I tend to haphazardly throw my bags onto the back seat of my car.

Deux Lux Bag

Deux Lux Bag

How adorable are these fancy flip flops from the brand Melissa’s? I have been loving them! They are super comfy, and the black flower elevates them from a casual flip flop to a sexy sandal. I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive when I wear them. I purchased them from Compassion Couture.

Melissa's Sandals

Melissa’s Sandals

Although these Aladdin Insulated Mason Tumblers hardly qualify as style and beauty items, I love them anyway. And guess where I found them? You’re right. It was Costco! Since they come with large built-in straws, they are perfect for smoothies. Now, it’s so easy to place unfinished smoothies right into your refrigerator to be finished at a later time. They are dishwasher safe and BPA-free, the lids come in adorable colors, and 3 extra straws come in the package as “back-ups.” I love “back-ups,” don’t you?

Aladdin Insulated Mason Tumblers

Aladdin Insulated Mason Tumblers

I really hope you enjoyed reading about some of the vegan “stuff” I have been enjoying lately. I’m always thrilled to find great new products, and I’m even more thrilled to share them with you. Happy shopping!






  1. hey, great site. Just a question I am having a hard time finding vegan tennis balls (without wool felt). Are the ones you using vegan and if so can you let me know the brand and model so I can get some too. Thanks

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