Best Father’s Day Gift of All: 10 More Years

Unknown-3Today we celebrate our fathers and those special men in our lives. I thought of a great Father’s Day gift today that you can share with all your men and it’s free and full of love!  I recently read an article by Rich Roll, an ultra-endurance athlete, husband and father, who changed the direction of his life at 40 years old and saved himself from a heart attack. A major part of his dramatic turnaround was his decision to become vegan, which he believes makes him a better athlete, saved his life and improved his health tremendously. In his article, he quotes the studies that show that vegetarian men live an average of 9.5 years longer than their meat-eating counterparts. Wouldn’t you like to give the gift of almost 10 more years of life to your Dad, your husband, your brother and your son, if you actually could? Then, please read this article by Rich Roll, where he shares his personal story—the transition from fat, unhappy and sick to world-recognized as an Ultraman World Champion--and if you’re inspired by his suggestion to try whole, plant-based nutrition for a week and see how it makes you feel, then pass it along to the men in your life and put a big red bow on it!  Give the gift that starts them on their own journey toward better health and longer lives. Then you’ll be spending many more Father’s Days together!


Men: To Get Ultra-Fit, Go Vegan by Rich Roll









Happy Father’s Day and many more!

xox Ellen

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  1. Rich Roll is inspiring and a living example of what a plant-based diet could do for one’s health! 10 extra years is certainly the best gift that any man could give to his wife and child.

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