Can the “TODAY” Show Anchors Tell the Difference Between “Real” Meat and “Beyond Meat?”


Matt Lauer   Al Roker   Carson Daly   Tamron Hall—WHAT’S YOUR VERDICT?

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On a recent “TODAY” show, host Matt Lauer along with his panel of impartial tasters, Al Roker, Carson Daly and Tamron Hall, put “Beyond Meat” to the test. Craig Melvin, NBC reporter, set up a comparison of two dishes, chicken salad and chili, for the TV morning crew to compare. Side by side, a plate of the real thing was placed next to a meatless version created by a company called “Beyond Meat.” Visually, both plates looked identical, but as Craig Melvin pointed out, the taste is what counts. As each host tasted their samples, they incredulously remarked that they really couldn’t tell the difference. While enjoying the meatless dishes, they all chose the “Beyond Meat” dish as the real one!


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As surprised as Matt, Al, Carson and Tamron were at the authentic taste and texture of the imitation chicken salad and the meatless chili, I wonder whether the audience was equally as shocked that “Beyond Meat” actually tasted and felt like real chicken and meat. When NBC correspondent, Craig Melvin, a “self-proclaimed connoisseur of good food,” attempted to taste the difference, shown on the video segment of the story, he was not able to pick out the real thing either. The video and the entire story can be found on the link below.

Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat

Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat

I do imagine that Bill Gates, the founders of Twitter, and Ethan Brown, the founder of “Beyond Meat,” were not too surprised at the results of this taste test—they achieved their goal of creating a real tastebud pleaser. These investors in “Beyond Meat” are aiming to bite a chunk out of the meat and chicken industry with this product, which is wholly plant-based.

Besides taste and texture, what does this meatless meat have going for it that the consumer should note?

Unknown-6Beyond Meat is:

  • high in protein
  • cholesterol-free
  • trans-fats-free
  • hormones-free
  • gluten-free
  • fully cooked and ready to be heated
  • can easily substitute chicken and meat in recipes
  • less expensive than chicken and meat in many cases
  • animal cruelty-free
  • environmentally conscious
Craig Melvin, NBS Reporter on "Beyond Meat"

Craig Melvin, NBS Reporter on “Beyond Meat”

Of course, I love that NBC “Today” is covering “Beyond Meat” in what appears to be an unbiased way! The thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs on this new product are lining up on both sides of the idea of meatless meat and chicken. You know who you are: Carnivores, Plant-Based Eaters, Gluten-free people, Vegans, Vegetarians, Environmentalists, Animal Lovers, Clean Eaters, Paleos—what are your thoughts? Who out there sees the benefits in “Beyond Meat?”

Beyond Meat will be coming out with a meatless hamburger in time for the summer! Watch for Hampton Creek’s new egg substitute and eggless mayonaise coming soon!

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  1. Dustin Thibodeaux says:

    Love Beyond Meat. They have made my transition to a meat-less lifestyle easier. Looking forward to new products.

  2. Great video!! I’m a huge supporter and it’s so awesome to see these results! This is truly the most realistic plant-based meat on the market!!


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