Winter Squash Recipes for Every Day & Holidays (all plant-based, of course!)

Butternut | Acorn | Kabocha | Spaghetti | Pumpkin Many of us mistakenly think of winter squash as a sort of special vegetable---a high maintenance side dish that | readmore


6 Easy & Delish Salad Dressings Using Hummus!

I wish hummus had a much cooler name or, at the very least, a name that accurately reflected how delicious it is! I’ve heard it made fun of in more than one movie. | readmore


12 Fish You Should Never Eat!

THE EXPERTS WEIGH IN! Surprising Vegan Options at Sushi Restaurants! Have you increased the amount of fish in your diet because you've read that it's a | readmore


6 Easy, Award-Winning Fake Bacon Recipes….Hard to Believe It’s This Simple!

Creating the closest thing to bacon without using any animal-derived ingredients might seem like an impossible goal, so why even bother to go after it, you might | readmore


The Best & Easiest Garbanzo Bean Salad Recipe.. plus Health Benefits of the ‘Chic’ Chickpea!

DO YOU LOVE TUNA SALAD and EGG SALAD?   ....then I have good news for you! I have to admit that, years ago, pre-vegan, I used to eat a lot of  tuna salad | readmore


Fight Off Wrinkles With Dark Leafy Greens And Great Leafy Recipes

Since I became vegan, I noticed that my eyes appear brighter, my nails seem stronger, and my skin looks healthier. I've actually been stopped by strangers on the | readmore


Man’s Diet Can Dramatically Affect His Fertility

WARNING:  Bacon is NOT Birth Control!! A Harvard School of Public Health study found that men who "eat lots processed meat such as bacon and sausage" have 30% fewer | readmore


16 Reasons Beets CAN’T Be Beat….& Ellen’s Easy Stacked Beets with Herbed “Cheese”

Are beets on your shopping list? They absolutely should be! I fell victim to thinking of beets as either a bowl of fuschia-pink borscht with a dollop of sour | readmore


TODAY Show Segment: Gourmé Mist Oil and Vinegar Misters = Portion Control!

  UPDATED 5/23/2014 Gourmè Mist Oil & Vinegar Misters, recently featured on the Today Show segment "60 Second Shape Up," can eliminate unneeded | readmore


Go For It: Veggies in Bulk at Costco & 8 Recipes to Use Them All Up!

Critics of Costco slam it for being representative of everything wrong with American super-consumerism. Ridiculously oversized for the average family, bulk items | readmore

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