“Clean” Products I Use Every Day: Part Two

If you’ve read my prior post entitled “Clean Products I Use Everyday,” then you already know that it took me a very long time to find natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free personal care products which I love. If you’ve read that same post, then you also know how much I love Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap.

Since I have been using and loving Nubian Heritage’s bar soap on my face for a couple of years, I decided to try their African Black Soap Body Wash and Hand Moisturizer. I am so glad that I did. These products have the same sweet, subtle and calming aroma as the bar soap. Whenever I use the body wash in the shower, I feel like I am pampering myself in a spa. I was actually upset when I was taking a shower the other day and I used up my supply. This body wash is made from mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt and Jojoba Beads which exfoliate the skin while Oats and Aloe extracts soothe and firm. It also contains Shea Butter as a moisturizer. Interestingly, African Black Soap is recommended for acne, oily and troubled skin. I have none of these skin issues (actually, my skin is glowing from my plant-based diet) but I love these products anyway. The hand moisturizer is also terrific; not too gooey and not too heavy or creamy. It also smells amazing! Both products use Certified Organic and Fair Trade Ingredients and the company never tests on animals.

Two other “clean” products I have been loving are from the company “No-Miss.” The first product I have been using is their “No Tears!” Eye Make-Up Remover. This natural product effectively, gently, and quickly removes eye makeup without leaving an oily residue around the eyes. I just saturate a cotton ball and wipe away my eye make-up. The second “No-Miss” product I have been enjoying is their “Almost Natural” Nail Polish Remover which is vanilla scented, has no harsh chemicals, no harsh odor and no acetone. Both products are cruelty-free and can be found in Whole Foods.

Lastly, I have been using a soap called “Verve” which is a natural moisturizing bar distributed by the Whole Foods Market. It is unscented and formulated with a hydrating moisturizer. In the past, I used “Dove” unscented soap, but I switched to “Verve” because I’m more confident that the ingredients are natural; however, I really don’t have any idea what ingredients are in “Dove” soap. The “Verve” box is made from 100% recycled material and clearly states that the soap contains no animal ingredients or testing. Interestingly, the “Verve” box reminds me of the Dove soap box.

Generally, when I buy products which I use a lot, I look for those which are free of phthalates, parabens, color pigments, fragrance, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, talc and petrolatum. I recently came across a great article entitled “What Chemicals You Should Look Out For In Personal Care Products” on the website of Dr. Frank Lipman. The article not only lists which chemicals to avoid, but also explains what each chemical is used for and why they are disruptive. I strongly suggest that you check it out because Dr. Lipman is far more qualified to discuss these issues than I am.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this further peek into the clean products I use everyday. I will continue to keep you posted if I find great new products. Bye!

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