1. I have been vegetarian since 2004 and vegan since 2010. I have never agreed with anything that resembles a dead animal, “faux” or not. I think it just exacerbates the problem of people thinking it is okay to eat or wear animals. Not to mention, I have recently read an article about so-called “faux fur”, not really being so “faux” after all. Apparently, a considerable amount of it comes from other countries and is actually made from cats and dogs. I guess their thinking is that if it didn’t come from an animal traditionally raised for its fur(rabbits, mink, fox…) it doesn’t REALLY count as fur. I would no more wear any animal’s skin than I would to wear another person’s skin.
    As for the faux meat, it might make transitioning to a plant based diet easier for some people, but for me, I don’t want anything on my plate resembling a dead animal. Just one girls opinion!

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