Great New Vegan Snacks

There are so many packaged dehydrated kale chips out there and they all make great healthy snacks. Although I have tried many of them, none I’ve tried have come close to these delicious “Slim and Trim” Snacks which I found at my local Whole Foods. I just had to share. I have tried the following four flavors: Indian Masala, Mediterranean Ranch, Asian Miso and Cho-KALE-8 Stamina (that’s right, chocolate flavored dehydrated kale). All the flavors are amazing, but I think that the Mediterranean Ranch is my favorite. I highly recommend these wonderful snacks which are made with organic kale.

My other great new snack find is this Sweet Seaweed Snack called “Sea’s Gift” which I also purchased at Whole Foods. Sorry, I could not get a better photo…

I have been noticing a lot of new packaged seaweed snacks wherever I go. They seem to be all the rage. I tried a few different ones, but these “Sea’s Gift” Snacks are undoubtedly my favorite ones. I think they are delicious because they are made with organic cane juice giving them a sweet flavor. You can eat them alone right out of the package, or use them as a topping on soups or grains. They are absolutely a “must try!”

I’m always on the lookout for great new vegan snacks, so stay tuned. I’ll continue to keep you updated as to all my new finds!

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