Live Island Cafe in Huntington, New York

The Live Island Cafe located at 201 E. Main Street in Huntington, New York is the only all-vegan eatery which I know of on Long Island. This small take-out cafe features raw and living vegan foods including juices, probiotic drinks, smoothies, soups, salads, entrees and desserts. A few days ago, I headed there for lunch with my good friend, Kathy, who will shlepp just about anywhere with me to try new vegan food. Thank you, Kathy!! Anyway, the cafe was a little bit hard to find. I wrongfully assumed that it would be in the heart of the village of Huntington. It was actually about 1 or 2 miles further on Main Street once you passed through the village heading eastbound.

The Live Island Cafe is actually a take-out restaurant but there are a couple of picnic tables out in front if you choose to eat there on a nice day. When we looked at the extensive menu, Kathy and I did not know what to choose so Chef Elyse suggested the “Full Sampler” plate which included a choice of an entree, 2 sides plus soup and dessert. We each ordered a “Full Sampler” and shared everything. Our meal included jalapeno poppers with cashew cheese, a seaweed salad, a “Super Green” salad (dark kale, mustard greens, collard greens, sprouts, micro greens with herbs, evoo and braggs), a flax and almond crusted pizza with marinara sauce and nut cheese, “Summer Rawsages” (walnut, coconut, sundried tomatoes and spices), falafel, a lemon lavender macaroon and a brownie truffle. There were no soups when we were there. Kathy drank a “Key Lime Cooler” (avocado, coconut water, dates, and lime) and I had the “14 Karat” (carrot, apple and ginger). The drinks were fresh and delicious. The “standouts” from our lunch were the “Super Green” salad, the flax and almond crusted pizza, the falafel and the lemon lavender macaroon.

I recommend a stop at the Live Island Cafe if you are shopping or visiting Huntington Village and you want a quick, healthy lunch or if you are a raw foodist who wants to take a break from preparing your own food. It is also worth a quick stop anytime for their fresh juices, smoothies and specialty drinks. It is worth noting that Chef Elyse gives raw and living food preparation classes on Sundays and offers in-home private lessons and nutritional counseling.

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