New DAIYA Cheese…Jalapeno Garlic Flavored Havarti Style Wedge!!!!

I just got back from Whole Foods where I spotted a new cheese from Daiya. As many of you know, Daiya is a top choice cheese substitute for many vegans. It certainly is my favorite!!! Anyway, I got home just in time for my late afternoon snack and guess what I had? That’s right!!! I broke open the package of Daiya’s new Jalapeno Garlic flavored Havarti Style Wedge and I spread some of it on Black Sesame Brown Rice Snaps by the brand “Edward & Sons.” WOW!!!!! What a FABULOUS snack!!!! It’s a much healthier and tastier version of the cheese and crackers I ate in the old days!!! The best part is that I don’t have the stomach ache or gross feeling now which I used to get from the Ritz crackers and cow’s milk cheese!!! I strongly recommend this new Daiya cheese to everyone on the planet!!! The Black Sesame Brown Rice Snaps rock too!!!!


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