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Picholine is an upscale, fancy, elegant, special occasion restaurant which serves French-Mediterranean cuisine. Although Zagat’s states that its “tabs are slightly cheaper than a trip to Paris,” I felt that it’s definitely blogworthy since it has a vegetarian menu¬†with clearly marked vegan options. I really appreciate it when a famous chef such as Terrance Brennan recognizes the vegan community. It’s also really good to know about non-vegan restaurants with clearly marked vegan options so that you can enjoy your meal with your non-vegan friends and family.

I dined at Picholine with my girlfriends this past Friday evening before seeing “Ann” at Lincoln Center. For the record, this was a wonderful play about Ann Richards, the 45th Governor of Texas, whose term ran from 1991 to 1995. Holland Taylor, the actress who plays the funny mother on “Two and One Half Men,” wrote and starred in it. Her performance was just spectacular! In any event, my friends and I chose Picholine since it is located near Lincoln Center at 35 W.64th Street between Broadway and Central Park West.

We started our meal with a complimentary celery root appetizer with a vegan whipped apple cream…


Next, I had “Heirloom Beets En Croute De Sel” prepared with Soy Milk “Ricotta,” Pistachios and Black Caraway…

photo copy

As an entree, I had the “Baby Bok Choy” With Kimchi-Tokyo Turnips, Cashews, and a Chili Vinaigrette…

photo copy 3

I skipped dessert, although I considered the sorbet. I opted for an herbal tea and noted the divine selection of teas on the menu.

Clearly, Picholine is a very fine restaurant and I would not suggest it if you are in the mood to “pig out” in a casual restaurant. However, it is good to know about for that special occasion with non-vegan friends and family. Also note that my non-vegan friends really enjoyed their meals.

If you wish to see a truly memorable stage performance, I highly recommend ¬†that you see the mesmerizing Holland Taylor in “Ann.”

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