Say “Hello” To My Frothy Hot Chai Tea Latte!

I stopped drinking coffee when I began my vegan diet since I felt that it was bad for me. One of my favorite substitutes has been a chai tea latte which I enjoy in the morning when I wake up or as an afternoon treat. I have tried making this drink with various milk substitutes but nothing froths better than soy milk. My favorite is the vanilla soy milk by the brand “Soy Dream”. I am not a big soy milk drinker, but I like it in this particular drink and it gives me a boost of calcium and Vitamin B12 (which every vegan must supplement their diet with). Anyway, here is how I do it…


Ingredients and Tools:

1 individual bag of TAZO Organic Chai Tea

1 BONJOUR Caffe Froth frother (or you could just microwave the milk in a microwave safe mug, but does not come out as “frothy”)

Soy Dream Vanilla Soy Milk filled to the marked line on the carafe of the BONJOUR frother (or about 1/2 cup in mug)

1 serving of Stevia Extract ( I love Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Extract because it comes with a cute, tiny spoon; I use one tiny spoonful in my latte)

Organic Cinnamon, to taste


Pour fresh, boiling filtered or spring water over an individual bag of Organic TAZO Chai Tea filling only 1/2 to 2/3 of the mug. Add one Trader Joe’s tiny teaspoonful of Stevia Extract (or any brand of Stevia, to taste) and stir. After the tea steeps for about 4 minutes, begin preparing the hot, frothy milk by filling the BONJOUR ¬†frother carafe with the vanilla soy milk. Fill the carafe to the marked white line on the carafe and microwave for about 40 seconds. Take the carafe out of the microwave and place it in the rubber base which comes with the frother. With the pumper also provided, pump the hot milk until it froths to the top of the carafe. Take the tea bag out of the mug and and add the hot, frothy vanilla soy milk. With the long plastic spoon (also provided with the mug), add some extra froth from the carafe to the mug. Sprinkle with organic cinnamon and there you have it!! A splendid hot, frothy tea latte!!! Enjoy!!


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