Wrap It Up…It’s Just That Simple!!!!

Since my two teenage sons are not vegan, I am always trying to come up with simple ways to feed myself when I prepare a separate meal for them. On a side note, I feel like I am poisoning them with non-vegan foods but they don’t love everything vegan. I started my vegan journey a little too late to impose veganism upon them; however, I keep trying to make vegan meals that they might like. Anyway, I always try to pack as many nutrients as possible into each quick meal. My favorite quickie is a collard green wrap!!! My collard green wrap always includes the original flavor hummus from Whole Foods and other pre-chopped vegetables which I also buy at Whole Foods: shredded carrots, red onions, purple cabbage, mixed salad greens and broccoli sprouts!!!! I also like to throw in some sunflower seeds!!! The picture below shows my wrap with toothpicks in it to hold it together. Since there are absolutely no nutrients in little wooden sticks, please don’t eat the toothpicks!!!



  1. […] This is undoubtedly my family’s favorite store-bought hummus. It would probably be healthier without the added oils, but not as delicious. I like to use this hummus in my collard green wraps mixed with salad and pre-cut veggies. […]

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