The Vegan Guide To New York City…Don’t Leave Home Without It!!!

I found this little “gem” on the shelves of the wonderful Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City where I have taken many vegan cooking classes (a subject for another day). Anyway, it has become my bible and I never fail to keep it in my handbag when I go into the city for any reason whatsoever. I have discovered some of my favorite “haunts” from this book including Franchia (Midtown East), the Peacefood Cafe (Upper West Side) and Blossom (Midtown West).

The guide contains wonderful recommendations for vegan restaurants in New York City and its surrounding boroughs. Each restaurant is given a fabulous review containing information such as items on the menu, critiques of the food sampled and price ranges. The names of the restaurants are broken down into sections of New York City; so if you are walking around SOHO, for example, you could just pull out your handy guide and find a vegan restaurant.

In addition to restaurants, the guide references juice bars, health food markets, vegan bakeries, eco-friendly clothing shops and even sources for vegan pet products!!! I have the 2011 guide but I noticed that has the new, updated 2012 one. Gotta’ go…need to place my order!!!

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