The Veggie-Lover’s Sriracha Cookbook by Randy Clemens

Unknown-2If you love Sriracha sauce and are searching for recipes to spice up your veggies, there’s a new cookbook that I’m ordering at this very moment, called The Veggie-Lovers Sriracha Cookbook by Randy Clemens! Can it be that you’ve never tried sriracha sauce and want to experiment with this uniquely flavored condiment with fabulous looking recipes? You’ve found your guide. You’ll see over 50 vegan/vegetarian recipes for drinks, breakfast dishes, salads, soups, entrees and even desserts, all incorporating this popular spicy Thai sauce. It seems that Sriracha Sauce with the crowing rooster on the bottle by Huy Fong Foods of Rosemead, California, has become the only bird to have on your vegan table these days.


ea689511784c0ad8986c47.L._V191390453_SX200_We’d like to thank Randy Clemens, Los Angeles Magazine contributor and author of The Sriracha Cookbook and co-author of The Craft of Stone Brewing Co., for devoting an entire book highlighting the myriad ways to make veggies even more delicious, exciting and satisfying!






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  1. That’s funny..”the rooster on the Sriracha bottle is the only one to have on your vegan table!” I love sriracha. Definitely going to get this book!

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