Vegan in Prague: Two Gems Do It Beautifully!

Clear Head Interior

Clear Head Interior

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in beautiful Prague, the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, you will quickly become aware that you have touched down in the land of the sausage and the schnitzel! Have no fear!

In the heart of this rustic, fairy-tale city, lies two wonderful “sister” veggie restaurants that will knock your ponožky off! (If you speak Czech, you’ll know I’m talking about your socks!)  You must not miss Maitrea and Lekha Hlava!  Maitrea, named for the Buddha of loving-kindness, can be found centrally located, 1 block away from Old Town Square. It boasts 2 levels, but request the lower level where the ambiance is rich with bamboo, fountains, a fireplace and Feng Shui planned interior.  The main level is fine, too, if that’s what is available—the great food will make up for the less embellished atmosphere. Maitrea’s “sister” restaurant, Lekha Hlavawhich translates to Clear Head, is also well-located, yet  hidden down a tiny street in Old Town. The ambiance in Lekha Hlava, or Clear Head, feels hippie and trippy, with ceramic mushroom lamps on each artisan-made table and a darkly painted ceiling adorned with a giant murals, stripes and graphics.

Both of these little gems boast extensive menus (in English) with a variety of cuisines—as you thumb through the parchment pages of each of their menu books, you will contemplate how can all of these familiar dishes can be prepared so delectably as vegetarian and vegan. An over abundance of salads, entrees and sides including Asian, Tex-Mex and Italian dishes are offered to satisfy the veggie appetite. An important piece of information to share with your non-vegan travelers:  you will not even notice that you are eating vegan!! Both of these restaurants are for everyone who appreciates great food and atmosphere, not to mention very reasonable prices! In addition, you’ll find a long list of teas, fresh-pressed juices, wine and beer for pairings.  Creative and delicious desserts abound!  Vegetarian dishes can be easily veganized.  Sweet and savory dishes that we dined on in both restaurants include….

Guacamole with citrus dip and garlic brioche

Meatless Kung Pao with vegan “no-chicken“ pieces, spring vegetables, champignons, peanuts, and rice (mildly hot)

Paella á la Barcelona with sun-dried tomatoes, champignons, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables, stir-fry sauce, vegan „no-chicken“ pieces and parmesan (mildly hot)

Vegan fish served with lemony potato mash, olive salsa, arugula salad

Seitan roasts with red cabbage and potato dumplings

Raw “cheesecake” with strawbery sauce – raw substitute for traditional cheesecake made with cashew nuts, walnuts, raisins, coconut butter and honey

White chocolate mousse layered with homemade caramel-walnut wafers and strawberries

The Clear Head website describes their mission so well that it’s worth repeating:

“Come to heaven and sit by the fire, under the stars and experience the balance between old and new, technology and nature, tasty and healthy. We reside in a fairy-tale house, built in about 1410, on the shortest street in Prague, in the place of a formerly well-known teahouse….a non-smoking, open-kitchen restaurant and tearoom, where you won’t meet meat… and you won’t mind. It’s a place, whose “genius loci” (spirit of the place) will clear your head, sate your appetite and delight your soul. Enjoy the wonderful game of colours, tastes and smells and let your senses play with delight. We want to share with you our favourite meals which are cooked with the intent of supporting your whole body and bringing a good feeling within.”

I think you’ll agree that their message is awe-inspiring and inviting.  Both restaurants deliver on their passion to make their mission a reality.  If you go to Prague, and you absolutely should go to Prague for a variety of reasons, please make your reservations at both restaurants because each offers it’s own unique ambiance and menu. Both restaurants are top-rated on TripAdvisor— Clear Head is #4 of 1605 restaurants in Prague and Maitrea is #24!


Entrance to Clear Head

Entrance to Clear Head



Maitrea Interior

Clear Head Dining

Clear Head Dining


Clear Head Veggie Kabob

Clear Head Veggie Kabob

Dobrou chuť!  Happy Dining!

xox Ellen

Leaning Into Veganism

Ellen Francis

Ellen Francis












  1. Helen Maxman says:

    So sorry I missed this place Ellen! Looks amazing!!!!!

    • These photos are amazing! They knocked my ponosky off! It’s really great to know about great veggie restaurants all over the world! These restaurants look really cool too! Invaluable information, Ellen!

    • I don’t know how you missed them either but when you go back, you’ll forget about the kielbasa and go right for the vegetarian!!

  2. Sandra Braun says:

    Prague is sooo beautiful, I was lucky to be there many years ago when the lives of people there were not good. Heard it is now a metropolis of art and culture. Glad to know their restaurants are also amazing.

  3. Karen Katz says:

    Wow!!!!!! Really cool pics, and those restaurants look amazing!!!!!



  4. There are 16 vegan restaurants in Prague, why do you decide to write about vegetarian:))Last meal is also vegetarian. Please write about vegan restaurants!:)

    • Hi Olga! Prague has so many great vegan and vegetarian choices! We support any steps towards veganism even traditional and vegetarian restaurants with vegan dishes. I was dining with non-vegans and everyone enjoyed our meals. What are your favorite vegan restaurants in Prague?

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