Whole Soy & Co…My #1 Favorite Non-Dairy Yogurt!!!

I often hear my friends say that they could never commit to a vegan diet because they could never give up yogurt. I always respond by telling them that there are, surprisingly, great substitutes for everything if you are on the lookout. I have tried just about all non-dairy yogurts out there and nothing comes close to those made by Whole Soy & Co. They make a variety of flavors including vanilla, mixed berry, peach and apricot-mango; but my absolute favorite is the cherry. I like to mix it with ground flax seeds and peanuts for a delicious snack!! I know it sounds a little weird to throw peanuts in there, but it’s really good and I like a little crunch in my snacks. Whole Soy & Co. is non-GMO, made with organic soybeans and contains 30% RDV calcium. It is also casein-free, whey-free and gluten-free.

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