16 Handles Introduces “Yo Soy Vanilla” Vegan Frozen Yogurt!

Remember my good friend Debbie? You know, the friend that introduced me to the vegan line of Big Skinny wallets? Well, once again, Debbie spotted another great find for me, and I’m pretty excited about it. She sent me an e-mail to let me know that the self-serve frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles recently added a vegan option to their line-up called “Yo Soy Vanilla.”  In their ad, 16 Handles states that they “love vegan,” and that if you “don’t do dairy, it’s no problem.” They are “proud to roll out a new frozen yogurt flavor for those who want a vivacious vegan vanilla.”

Say “Hola” To Yo Soy Vanilla…

b27ddd19-96fc-4315-9106-36d3bb043ca5The “cherry on the vegan dessert” is that 16 Handles is earth-friendly. Every 16 Handles location helps to plant 16 trees every day. All of their stores, including those which are opening up and down the East Coast, use compostable cups and recyclable spoons.


TCBY-vanilla-almond_151554In case you didn’t know, the frozen yogurt chain TCBY started the vegan frozen yogurt trend when they partnered with the soy milk company Silk to create a chocolate and a vanilla flavored vegan frozen yogurt made from almond milk.

With the introduction of 16 Handles new “Yo Soy Vanilla,” the vegan frozen yogurt trend takes another significant step forward. Wouldn’t it be great if other frozen yogurt chains followed their lead?

16 Handles encourages its customers to “flaunt their flavor,” and I will certainly be flaunting mine with the new “Yo Soy Vanilla!”

Click here to check out 16 Handles website and to find a location near you.

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  1. The 16 Handles near me on the UES has stopped carrying the vegan FroYo.

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