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Are You Ready for a Must-See Video!?? Watch to the Very End! Funny & Shocking!

This is too funny-shocking-provoking not to share! It's actually titled, "How Not to Instagram,"  but you'll get why I'm posting this after you watch it.  You really | readmore


What’s “Carrageenan” and Why is it in My Almond Milk? 5 Easy “Moo-less” DIY Milks!

I can just see you there, standing in the supermarket aisles...reading all the labels, poring over those lists of ingredients, analyzing the list like a virtual | readmore


Georgie & Elaine: The Hottest New Brand Of Vegan And Eco-Chic Clothing For Women

Although following a healthy vegan diet is the most beneficial thing any one person can do for their own health and the health of the planet, I’m proud to say that | readmore


Beyonce & JayZ Mexican Breakfast Tofu Scramble

CRAZY IN LOVE WITH TOFU!!!  Figuring out breakfast for a vegan busy power-couple-family can sound challenging but there are so many plant-based ways to start your | readmore


Beyonce & Jay Z Going Vegan for “22 Days”

We've got 22 days of recipes and restaurants for them!! And lots more! Beyonce and Jay Z are the latest celebrities  to announce that they are adopting a vegan | readmore


13 Stylishly Vegan Evening Bags for Holiday and All Year

Holiday dinners, luncheons and party celebrations give us a fun reason to get glam, show off our awesome selves, put on our finest attire and simply just have a good | readmore