Georgie & Elaine: The Hottest New Brand Of Vegan And Eco-Chic Clothing For Women

G&EAlthough following a healthy vegan diet is the most beneficial thing any one person can do for their own health and the health of the planet, I’m proud to say that my vegan lifestyle has extended far beyond the foods I eat. Seeking out cruelty-free and ethically-made cosmetics, accessories and clothing, has made my life more meaningful in every possible way. It feels really great to know that I’m striving to look and feel my best without hurting animals, the environment or others along the way. So when I spot a fabulous new chic, ethical and cruelty-free clothing company on the horizon, my heart beats with excitement.

My heart is pounding with excitement at this very moment over the emergence of Georgie & Elaine, a contemporary women’s wear brand based in New York City which uses alternative novelty fabrics including vegan leather, soy silk and ahimsa silk. The company’s founder, Devin VanderMaas, prides herself on creating effortless yet enduring separates which maintain the delicate balance between timeless sophistication and contemporary excitement while staying vegan, non-violent and eco-friendly at the same time.

In addition to using non-violent and eco-friendly fabrics, Georgie & Elaine uses sustainable packaging and supplies, and follows ethical business practices. Their products are made with kindness and care in mind for laborers, the environment and animals. Ms. VanderMaas believes sustainability is not just a trend, it is the future, and it should not be treated or marketed as something special, it should simply be a standard for all industries. I couldn’t agree more!

I’m particularly thrilled with Georgie & Elaine’s use of “peace silks” such as soy silk and ahimsa silk because they are manufactured in a process where no silkworms are killed. I’m very happy about this because I’ve always loved the feel of silk, and now I can wear it again with Georgie & Elaine’s brand of clothing which doesn’t harm precious animals in the making.

The vegan icing on the cake of Georgie & Elaine’s collection is the sheer beauty, elegance, sophistication and versatility of the clothing which will enable fashion forward vegan women to stay on trend while maintaining strong commitments to their core values. Non-vegan women will also go crazy for Georgie & Elaine’s clothing line because it’s HOT, HOT, HOT! I’m “head-over-heels” in love with their designs which can be worn during the day at the office through an evening out on the town, or anytime in between. The best part is that the pieces can easily be mixed and matched for more gorgeous looks.


Georgie & Elaine’s smart separates, flirty mini dresses, and classic basics are totally my style!


Check out this sexy, flirty feminine dress for the Spring…

The Mattson Dress by Georgie & Elaine

The Mattson Dress by Georgie & Elaine

And this strapless dress…

The Elaine Dress by Georgie & Elaine

The Elaine Dress by Georgie & Elaine

I love this blazer which can be used with all of Georgie & Elaine’s looks. The skirt is cute also. Don’t you think?

The Kristin Blazer by Georgie & Elaine

The Kristin Blazer and Arielle Skirt by Georgie & Elaine

This classic blouse paired with these pants is totally my look. The blouse comes in black and nude colors too. I am so going to buy the purple one!

The Rachel Blouse by Georgie & Elaine

The Rachel Blouse and Audrey Pant by Georgie & Elaine

The silhouette on this vegan leather skirt is perfection!

Kayla-Front-21-300x500More dresses, looks, and mix and match styles from Georgie & Elaine





Dylan-Skirt-Front-11-300x500These photos speak thousands of beautiful words about Georgie & Elaine’s alternative line of contemporary women’s wear. I anticipate that the combination of Georgie & Elaine’s chic and sophisticated separates, ethereal blouses, effortless dresses and other timeless pieces combined with the use of alternative novelty fabrics will cause the fashion world to explode, and will rock your world too!

I have shown you only a few items from Georgie & Elaine’s Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 fashion line. You can go on their website where the line can be exclusively purchased, and to learn more about this exciting new brand of women’s clothing, as well as its founder Devin VanderMaas and her inspirational grandparents.









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    Georgie & Elaine: The Hottest New Brand Of Vegan And Eco-Chic Clothing For Women…

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