“Beg:A Radical New Way Of Regarding Animals” By Rory Freedman

Beg by Rory Freedman

Beg by Rory Freedman

Rory Freedman’s new book Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals is her “battle cry” to the world “to wake up and rise up on behalf of the animals.” It is her “love letter to all animals and a celebration of their amazingness.”

This book will educate you, inform you and make you feel Rory’s passion as you read about man’s atrocities towards animals and the actions we could take to make things better for them. After reading this book, you will be compelled to answer the inevitable question…How could we be so madly in love with our pets, while allowing such horrible things to happen to animals all over the world?

If you truly love and care about animals, as most of us do, then I beg you to read Beg. In the book, Rory is quite candid, descriptive and thorough in her discussions about every animal rights’ topic you could possibly imagine including factory farming, rescuing animals from shelters, euthanizing animals, breeding, adopting, spaying and neutering, and declawing cats.

Other topics covered include using animals in circuses, shows, rodeos, races, research experiments, the entertainment industry, zoos, bullfighting, sport-fishing and hunting. You will learn why taking a horse drawn carriage ride around the city is anything but romantic, and about other forms of animal abuse that you never knew existed (eg. shark-killing contests).

Rory discusses the horrors of using fur in fashion, leather and suede for accessories, and down in comforters, pillows and jackets. She uses her unique voice which is quite powerful. “Your favorite dog-walking shoes that you wear every day to take Fido out could be made from another Fido.” Of course, she throws environmental issues, health issues and home decoration issues (i.e. animal skin rugs) into the mix to create a complete picture of how we exploit animals and how this exploitation affects the planet.

A large portion of the book is dedicated to the subject of killing and exploiting animals for human consumption, and veganism. In this regard, Rory has it all covered. Among other things, she discusses why we shouldn’t eat fish and eggs, and why terms such as “cage-free” and “free-range” do not mean cruelty-free. In regards to veganism, Rory states that “for me, the V-word means compassion and a willingness to put principles above desires.”

Rory acknowledges that some people view vegans as “lame, creepy or miserable.” Her response is that “most of us simply care about animals, care about our health, and care about the planet. We’re just like you. The only difference is we’ve made the decision to align our actions with our beliefs. And we hope you’ll join us and do the same.”

All I can say is that the animals of the world may have caught a break with Rory Freedman, a truly amazing advocate on their behalf. Her passion, compassion and strong voice will stun you in every way, and will provide you with the impetus to take immediate action on behalf of the animals which you claim to love.

I highly recommend Beg which is as powerful and engaging as Rory Freedman’s best-selling Skinny Bitch books. And who could resist buying a book with the cutest dog in the world on the cover?








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