Cute Kitchen Items From Crate And Barrel

I have not shopped in Crate and Barrel for many years, until a few days ago when I stopped into the store on a whim. While browsing around and looking at all the cute kitchen stuff, I realized how poorly stocked my kitchen was. I never bought food prep bowls (how did I survive without the small ones for spices?) and my kitchen towels were from the year of the flood. I decided it was time to splurge and buy a few items that looked useful to me.

I am most excited about this mini pepper mill. It fits right into the palm of my hand and I just have to press on the top button for the freshly ground pepper to come out. I always hated turning the top of my big old pepper mill back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. What a pain, don’t you agree?

How cute are these green veggie scrub items? Look at the green veggie gloves! You can now scrub your veggies with your hands while wearing the gloves. This seems like a useful, creative invention to me. I thought it was also worth buying the cute green veggie scrub brush since I am always having trouble finding my dingy brown one (it annoyingly blends in with my other kitchen stuff).

Check out these great food prepping bowls! The white ones are perfect for chopped onions, peppers, and other veggies, while the colorful small ones are perfect for chopped garlic, herbs and spices. Did I mention how cute and colorful the small bowls are? I might have to return to Crate and Barrel to buy a few more of these.

Buying these colorful cotton dishtowels was a no-brainer! My old raggedy ones were real “schmatas,” so I thought it was time to give my kitchen a “pop” of color. Aren’t you a little bit tired of hearing the phrase “pop of color” which seems to be “popping” up everywhere?

I really wanted these glass dessert bowls to showcase my chocolate hazelnut pudding with roasted hazelnuts. I also needed some espresso spoons to go with some adorable espresso cups I picked up at a shopping outlet. I don’t even drink espresso, but the cups were too cute and too cheap to pass up. I decided to use them for pudding-type desserts. Btw, I thought I bought four espresso spoons from Crate and Barrel, but when I returned home I only found two. I suggest checking your bags at home very closely when you have purchased tiny items before chucking the bags into the garbage!

Lastly, I bought these fun striped straws to enhance my smoothie photographs, as well as to drink my smoothies. My sons are more inclined to drink my smoothies if they see colorful straws in them (it’s subliminal).

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my little shopping spree at Crate and Barrel! Hopefully, I gave you some good ideas to update your own kitchen stuff. Have a great day!










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