Is New Jersey Senator Cory Booker Going Vegan?

veganamericanprincess.comAs a longtime fan of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, I was thrilled to learn from his recent Twitter posts that he’s enthusiastically embarking upon a vegan experiment. Apparently, this experiment will last “until the end of the year at least.”

In a Nov. 22 tweet he said…

“The more I learn about being vegan though the more I’m considering going beyond Jan. 1. Possibly doing it forever.”, Cory Booker has been a vegetarian for the last 22 years, and his extremely high ethical standards and deep understanding of the issues surrounding veganism are reflected in his tweets.

Here are some of Senator Booker’s other recent tweets…

“In short, I’m excited about this vegan experiment. I’m learning much about food policy, food industries, environmental issues & more.”

“And as a Senator, I’m learning much about our national food policy (or lack there of). We do much as a nation that I believe is wrong.”

“I too often eat without thinking where it comes from or its impact on my body & our planet. This vegan experiment is opening my eyes.”

“More & more I want to live consciously- increasingly more aware of how my consumer & consumption choices resonate with my values.”

A recent Ecorazzi article reported that Cory Booker’s love of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream prevented him from being a vegan in the past. Senator Booker received many recommendations on Twitter for delicious brands of non-dairy ice creams, as well as other valuable suggestions to help him with his vegan experiment. In response to this wonderful show of support, Senator Booker tweeted…

“I’m grateful to all who have opened my eyes in 1st 17 days of this vegan experiment. So may kind ppl are sharing valuable insights.”

I also noticed a petition somewhere in the midst of these tweets to Ben & Jerry’s requesting that Ben & Jerry’s offer non-dairy ice cream options. Personally speaking, I think that’s an awesome idea, so I signed the petition. Click here if you want to sign the petition too.

In the midst of Cory Booker’s tweets about veganism, I noticed a number of quotes reflecting his compassionate, thoughtful and ethical values. I’ll leave you with this one because it’s good…


“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

-Dalai Lama



Vegan American Princess is very excited about Cory Booker jumping aboard the vegan bandwagon, even if it’s only a temporary ride. Clearly, more and more eyes are opening as to the effect that one’s dietary choices can have on such a broad spectrum of issues, and we love Senator Booker’s eyes!

                               CORY BOOKER…WE SALUTE YOU!!!


Peace & Love,                                                                                                      




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