Daiya Does It Again!

I just came home from Whole Foods where I spotted these products from Daiya for the first time…

imageIn my opinion, the Daiya products are the “Rolls Royces” of vegan “cheeses” so I am glad to inform you about more fantastic Daiya products in case you haven’t seen them yet.

My 19 year-old son has always been a Swiss cheese lover, and he gave Daiya’s Swiss style slices a huge thumbs up. This cheese melts and stretches just like the other yummy Daiya “cheeses,” which lend themselves very nicely to vegan grilled cheese sandwiches. The Chive & Onion cream cheese style spread will be starring at our Sunday morning breakfast table tomorrow to be smeared on the bagels. Daiya’s Strawberry cream cheese style spread will surely provide the perfect sweet, juicy strawberry flavored snack when placed on a bagel, slice of whole grain bread or healthy vegan cracker.

Since The Daiya Cheeze Lover’s Pizzas remain a family favorite, these new Daiya products will be welcomed into our home. I’m so glad to be spreading the word about more yummy vegan stuff.








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