Does Anyone Know Who These Two People Are?

Two Unidentified Vegans on a Mission

Two Unidentified Vegans on a Mission

Yell it from the rooftops!

Sing it out the window!

Hang a sign out on California Highway 101!

Or just be!

But Choose Vegan!

If you’re toying with the idea, go for it!

If you were driving on the 101 today Eastbound at 5 pm near Balboa Blvd., you saw a real “sign” of the future.  If you blinked, you might have missed it! If you did catch a fleeting glimpse of two people holding a sign over the freeway that said “Choose Vegan,” that wasn’t your imagination.

Hopefully, it made you think, “Hey, maybe I could!”  Don’t see veganism as a decision that will ruin your enjoyment of one of life’s pleasures or something that will create a rift in your friendships or your family. Don’t view it as a difficult burden or a commitment that there’s no turning back from. Definitely don’t succumb to peer pressure or feel like you’re a weirdo if you choose vegan. It might not be the choice of the masses or the popular choice but it’s the healthier, more humane choice. Remember that even if people around you ridicule your choice to be vegan, you’ll always know that being vegan doesn’t hurt anyone or anything else.

I believe that choosing vegan is very personal and doesn’t have to be defended or explained. You don’t have to proclaim it to the world and try to preach to others to join you in the pursuit of a vegan lifestyle. It’s your choice. You can try it on part-time or dive in head first! You can take baby steps and do one vegan meal a day. You can be vegan before 6 pm or you can be vegan after 6 pm or all day long (thanks to Mark Bittman)! You can practice veganism quietly as many do and just make it simply part of what you do and who you are.

But if you want to stand on the edge of an overpass on California Highway 101 in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, one of the most traveled and congested roads in the country, during rush hour and hold up a pretty sign that says “Choose Vegan”—you’re pretty damn awesome!

Who are these two people?  Please identify yourselves!

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Let’s Zoom In Closer!

P.S. My daughter took this photo from the passenger seat and must have acted really quickly to get such a good shot. Then she sent it right to me. Thank you, darling!

Who Are You?

Zooming In Even More! Who Are You?

xox Ellen

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  1. Captain Ron says:

    Maybe awesome for you but when you realize traffic was being held up by idiots gawking at two jackasses with a sign you might not feel the same (flow of traffic opened up right after passing). Especially in a hot car with no A/C. Might have a negative affect, to some people at the end of their long work day trying to get home like didn’t already hate Vegan-ism/vegans (I don’t) you just might think it’s a good time to start!

    You might start thinking man I hope one of these lames falls over the railing, then at least we would have a show *SPLAT* haha >D. Or maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor, oh well….

    • But the huge billboards everywhere are better, are they? And now you will blame vegans for LA’s traffic? Yes, you do have a twisted sense of humor.

    • Maybe the sign inspired people to look up and stop texting on their phones for a minute! I heard the traffic was typically slow anyway so no need to blame it all on the sign holders! Sounds like you’ve got some road rage brewing. Please try not to be a hater!

  2. Haya Juliana Berrou says:

    I don’t know who they are but I love them for their efforts! They’re awesome!

  3. Very very cool!! Thank you Carly!!!

  4. This is great! My best friend Donna just sent this to me (after visiting us in Israel for my daughter’s wedding).

    Great idea! I’m going to do it too, here in Israel on our busiest freeway, even if it’s just me, though I’m sure I will have hundreds of people joining me.

    Vegans do not have to justify their behavior when it comes to asking people to be kind to animals. Meat (read: animal) eaters who pay someone else to do the dirty job of slaughtering animals need to defend their behavior , not vegans.

    Ellen, I love this blog. I wish I had time to read everything! Good luck with your important work!


    • I agree that vegans are not the ones who have to justify their behavior! So delighted to hear that “hundreds” would join you if you were to do the same thing. Excellent!

    • Barbara— we need to learn about the growing vegan movement that you’re part of in Israel!!

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