Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Video Segment: Al Gore Goes Vegan

Unknown-3One of my favorite vegans, Jane Velez-Mitchell, had a spectacular segment last night about Al Gore going vegan. I absolutely love Jane Velez-Mitchell because she “tells it like it is” and NEVER minces her words. If there is anything I can’t stand are people who like to use the phrase “I feel strongly both ways.” Ms. Mitchell is clearly not one of those people, and is anything but “wishy-washy.”  I truly admire her and her never-ending efforts to highlight the issues surrounding the importance of veganism.

The segment which aired last night addresses Al Gore going vegan and the significant implications of his decision.

This informative video speaks for itself and needs no summary, but I’m happy to report that Al Gore finally acknowledges the true meaning of  “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Gotta’Love it!



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