Modern, Elegant Gourmet: Tian Vienna Waits For You

We had only 2 nights to dine in style in Vienna so we had to choose our restaurants wisely.  Tian Vienna delighted all of our senses and did not disappoint. Walking into Tian, the design and architecture grabs your attention and holds it. Modern, elegant and organic elements combine to form an amalgam of uniqueness that keeps your eye moving to take it all in.  From the silver shimmer of the walls to the moss and twig-wrapped chandeliers to the wire flower baskets that line the high quilted banquettes, Tian is truly a feast for the eyes way before it delivers a feast for your appetite and palate.


The menu is ambitious in its creativity as every dish is served as a pure work of culinary art.  All items are vegetarian and many are also vegan or can be veganized.  The chef’s respect for nature and organic produce is evident in each dish as he exalts its ingredients as stars in a grand performance.  The Exotic Caesar Salad with mustard parfume, oranges, grapefruits and avocado croque monsieur was absolutely gorgeous, as well as deliciously different, with a citrus fruit kick.  The Black Mugaritz Quinoa with papaya and parsnip was fabulous, as was the White Winter Vegetables Braised & Dehydrated with white truffle jus.  The tastiness of Tian’s dishes is so powerful that mere words really cannot do it justice. Loving and enjoying our food so much, we were all reluctant to share a taste with each other, lest that mean one less bite we’d have for ourselves!  tian-viennatian-vienna-3

The desserts were virtual sculptures on plates with names that defy explanation:  Thawing Snowman, Hot Love, Black & White. Visually clever and absolutely delicious!  I wish that I could bring Tian Vienna home with me, especially the Thawing Snowman!filename-tian-food3-jpg

Please beware:  omnivores will not believe how wonderful dinner can be without the consumption of meat, so prepare them to be dazzled!  As I usually mention, this is a restaurant for everyone who appreciates fine food, not just vegans! Tian Vienna is ranked #6 out of 1,592 restaurants in Vienna by TripAdvisor so obviously people of all palates are frequenting, enjoying and praising Tian Vienna!


xox Ellen

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  1. Wow! I’m amazed by how “gourmet” vegetarian restaurants are becoming around the world. Knowing about “Tian Vienna” is invaluable for those traveling to Vienna. Those desserts look like true works of art, maybe to beautiful to eat. Great post!

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