Must-See New Film….Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Secret

UnknownThe environmental film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see! But, WHY?

Watch the powerful trailer for Cowspiracy….by clicking on this link.

Two filmmakers have taken on the monumental challenge of educating us of what no one seems to want us to know, in the upcoming documentary, COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret.

This film “tells the truth about the absolutely devastating environmental impact large-scale factory farming has on our planet. No other industry compares to the destruction caused by industrialized animal agriculture, yet it goes on, almost entirely unchallenged.”


Do you recycle? Do you conserve water and gas? Compost?

Do you want to leave your children and grandchildren with a livable planet?

Do you truly care about our environment, our Earth?

Then you and I, and everyone we know, needs to see this film

because that is not enough.

Keegan Kuhn & Kip Anderson, the documentarists, raised the funds needed to make this film by going on a fundraising website known as indiegogo.com. They haven’t even been able to speak openly about the film, until now, because they believe that “journalists and activists trying to expose this industry in the past have been sued, placed on domestic terrorist watch lists, followed by the FBI, arrested and imprisoned, simply for speaking out, or trying to expose this industry’s atrocities”, according to Kuhn.


The film, which has been described as “An Inconvenient Truth” meets “Blackfish,” strives to find the answer to the question of why trusted environmentalists and advocates for the planet have virtually ignored the connection between food source and global resource destruction. As Keegan explains, in an interview with MFA (Mercy for Animals):

“Animal agriculture plays a major role in climate change for a number of reasons. Cows, sheep, and other ruminants produce a great deal of methane through their digestion process. Methane gas from livestock has 86 times the greenhouse gas warming potential as CO2. There are an estimated 70 billion farmed animals on the planet, who all defecate, creating high levels of methane and nitrous oxide (which has 300 times the warming potential of CO2). They all breathe, creating 8.7 billion tons of CO2 annually, and all need land to either graze or have feed crops grown for them to eat. 

The massive clearing of temperate and tropical rainforests to make room for livestock and their feed crops is a major source of methane and a huge loss of carbon sinks that would be otherwise pulling CO2 from our atmosphere and releasing oxygen. According to an analysis report from Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang, when you factor in all of these inputs, as well as others, animal agriculture is responsible for 51 percent of all greenhouse gases, compared to all transportation, which is only 13 percent.” 

These filmmakers believe that we are living on the “edge of desperate times!” There are apparently shocking but important revelations in COWSPIRACY, including the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization prediction of massive food and water shortages around the world unless radical changes are made in how we produce food. “This information is readily available and yet it is shocking that the world’s leading environmental organizations don’t talk about it.”


This important film is filled with respected authors and essential information that Kuhn and Keegan hope will inspire and empower people to feel that they can actually do something rather than feel helpless at the mercy of these industries. Their goal is to inspire people to speak up and take a stand!


Screening of the film begins on June 19th in San Francisco and then on the following dates. To attend one of the showing, please click on the Eventbrite website…

Unknown-1Showings of COWSPIRACY

  • San Francisco 6/19
  • Los Angeles 6/26
  • San Diego 7/15
  • Phoenix 7/16
  • Albuquerque 7/17
  • Denver 7/19
  • Grand Junction 7/20
  • Salt Lake City 7/21
  • Sun Valley 7/22
  • Bend 7/23
  • Portland 7/24
  • Seattle 7/25
  • Vancouver 7/26

It is our hope that this film is well-received and starts a real movement. Please send this article to everyone you know to support the film and its message.  Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it!! We hope more screening dates will be added soon and that it will also be available on DVD and on cable TV.

To read more about the film, click on COWSPIRACY

To Buy Tickets for screenings, click on Eventbrite

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Thank you!

xox Ellen





  1. @uuVegan says:

    I would like to have a screening of this film at my congregation.

    Who do we contact if we want a screening?

  2. Thank you for sharing this on Cowspiracy. I wanted to let you know that we are showing Cowspiracy as well in San Jose, Ca at the AMC 14 Theater AMC Saratoga 14 700 El Paseo De Saratoga, San Jose. We will have the Director Keegan Kuhn come and share some of the “making of” and Q & A! Veggie Grill Raffles too! Please RSVP here as we need to reach our threshold of 79 confirmed in order for it to be a success. http://www.tugg.com/events/10348 Thank you!

  3. we got confirmation to show the film aug 30th 7pm at the Live Oak Grange in Santa Cruz as well as other places, contact me at info@hopedance.org

  4. Flatu Lation says:

    What an excellent cause! Just the other day, I was standing behind a cow as it farted. I was stained with permanent freckles and now I do not want them to be industrial-farmed. I just want them to say “I’m, sorry”

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