Vegucated…A Must See!

While shopping at Moo Shoes the other day, I picked up the DVD “Vegucated.” I had been meaning to order it from Amazon for quite some time, and I was thrilled to have finally purchased it. Last night, while my family was watching the Giants’ game, I decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did! At the outset, let me state that some documentaries are real snoozers; however, Vegucated could not have been more entertaining and really fun to watch!

For this award-winning documentary, the upbeat and vibrant writer/director, Marisa Miller Wolfson, chose three meat-eating New Yorkers from different backgrounds to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. She found the participants on Craig’s list which gave me a little chuckle. Anyway, during the six week period, the film documents their struggles as well as their physical transformations from eating vegan. FYI, all three of them were glowing by the end of the movie! Ultimately, I found their emotional transformations to be even more interesting as they were led on a journey to become “vegucated” about the far reaching consequences of eating meat.

Although I was “vegucated” three years ago through endless books and documentaries, this film visualizes the issues in a way I have not yet seen. I found the three people in the movie to be authentic, raw and lovable. I laughed at times and I cried at times; but most importantly, my choice to become vegan was strongly reaffirmed by watching this informative, thoughtful and entertaining documentary.

Let me add that during a commercial break from the Giants’ game, my husband “popped in” while I was watching Vegucated. He never returned to the game!  That’s how engaging the movie is! I highly recommend that vegans and non-vegans alike see this wonderful documentary which effectively portrays the reasons why choosing veganism could not only save your life, but could save the world!

Thought you might enjoy this trailer!


  1. Excellent information Debby! I will be posting a link to my vegan group and I’m going to watch it myself!

  2. I’ve wanted to see this for a long time! I didn’t realize it was on DVD — thanks!

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