NYC’s Horse-Drawn Carriages: Spotlight On Georgina Bloomberg & Cornelia Guest

UnknownIn a recent Wall Street Journal Article,¬†Mayor Bloomberg’s 30 year-old daughter, Georgina, says she wants to expand her role in improving animal welfare in New York City. Ms. Bloomberg, an accomplished equestrian, participates in top competitions although she plans to temporarily stop competing since she is 3 1/2 months pregnant. Here is what Georgina had to say about the horse-drawn carriages in New York City…

“Obviously, for me, my heart is always with the horses and I always want them to be kept in the best condition possible, which I don’t believe they are. Maybe the time has come for them to go.”

She said she understands there are carriage operators who treat their horses very well and she believes they have a right to earn a living. “But at the same time,” she said, “If it’s just about the horses, then, no.”

Ms. Bloomberg also had some criticisms of Animal Care & Control, a non-profit group commissioned by the Bloomberg administration to run the city’s animal shelter system.

“Government doesn’t care about animals,” she said, noting that animal welfare can be a low priority on the list of issues the city must deal with. She said that city animal shelters aren’t “a place where people want to go to adopt animals, which, to me, is a failure.”

Georgina Bloomberg isn’t the only public figure concerned with animal welfare in New York City. Vegan cookbook author, fashion designer and socialite Cornelia Guest recently appeared in this new PETA ad against horse-drawn carriages…

2a7cd_7824.PETA_2D00_cornelia_2D00_HDCOther celebrities who have participated in PETA’s campaign against New York City’s horse-drawn carriage industry include Lea Michele, Miley Cyrus, and Alec Baldwin.

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Please give it a second thought the next time you plan to take a horse-drawn carriage ride in NYC. It is anything but romantic, and certainly not lovely.







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