Organic Avenue Opens Up in Roslyn Heights, NY

CLEANSES-BOXYippee!! I’m a bit tardy with the big news, but it’s true! Organic Avenue has finally opened up in my neighborhood. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the first all-vegan establishment in my area of Long Island. You can find this wonderful little gem of a store in the same building as Soul Cycle located at 250 South Service Road in Roslyn Heights, New York.

Organic Avenue In Roslyn Heights, New York

Organic Avenue In Roslyn Heights, New York

Location of Organic Avenue at 250 So. Service Rd, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Location of Organic Avenue at 250 So. Service Rd, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

As you may already know, Organic Avenue is a major player in the fresh-pressed juice craze which has been sweeping the country. With dozens of locations in Manhattan, Organic Avenue is apparently expanding its horizons to other parts of the country. Celebrities and other health enthusiasts have long been enjoying these cold-pressed unpasteurized juices to cleanse their systems or simply to provide healthful supplements to their diets. The juices are made using a high-tech hydraulic press, and they must be consumed within a few days from the date of purchase to obtain their maximum nutritional value.

The Organic Avenue juices are quite costly, but that may be the price you are willing to pay to avoid the annoying job of cleaning the parts to your juicer. I don’t do juice cleanses (not that I object to them), but I love supplementing my diet with these juices when I am too lazy to juice at home. I was thrilled to visit the new Organic Avenue store today for the very first time. In addition to the juices, the store was well-stocked with raw vegan salads and meals, and a wide variety of vegan snacks which I have been wanting to try for a long time.

After carefully studying the items on the shelves, I left the store with a Quinoa and Kale-Collard Salad, Sunflower Falafel with Tahini Dipping sauce and 3 juices: one “Green Love,” one “Royal Red,” and one “Pear Juice.” The “Green Love” is Organic Avenue’s signature juice, and is made with a wide variety of greens which have been sweetened with some pear and lemon juice. Of the items pictured below, I only tried the “Green Love” juice and the Sunflower Falafel. They were both delicious!

photo copy 4I had no plans to leave the premises without some vegan snacks too! Here is what I bought…

photo copy 3I have not yet tried the Fine & Raw Chocolate, the Raaka Vanilla Rooibos Chocolate, or the Hail Merry Macaroons; but I did try the Emmy’s Coconut Vanilla Macaroons which are to die for!!!! I will further report after my taste testing of the other yummy looking treats.

In addition to the juices, snacks and raw vegan foods, I noticed that Organic Avenue has a line of “Booster Shots.” These small bottles of liquid superfoods are designed to be taken alone, or added to juices, smoothies or other liquids for an “extra boost of nutrition.” I also noticed that the store carries the complete line of Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Cereal.

If you are interested in splurging a bit for your health, I highly suggest that you visit one of Organic Avenue’s stores or their website where you can learn more about their wonderful products.





  1. Wow, Organic Avenue sure is spreading like wildfire! I had no idea they were expanding to Brooklyn so this is especially exciting news. I just wish they had plans to open up shop in Connecticut next. 😉

  2. What a fun store to have around. I wonder when they’ll be open one in CA! 😛 I love all the goodies that you’ve got there. All of them sound delicious and unique.

  3. I’m glad there are more vegan options for you! Looks like a great place.

  4. Delois Waldrup says:

    Nice share. I just pray that many people will embrace the powers of losing weight through healthy diet.

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