Rescue Chocolate…”The Sweetest Way To Save A Life!”

If you are a lone vegan in a sea of non-vegans, don’t assume that you’re not making some sort of impact on your non-vegan friends. I have been delightfully surprised many times by the non-vegan people in my life (which are most of them). For example, I might get a phone call from a relative saying “thought you might be interested, Michelle Pfeiffer will be on Piers Morgan Monday night talking about her new vegan diet.” I might receive an e-mail from a girlfriend describing a great vegan handbag she spotted while shopping online or a new vegan restaurant she read about which she would love to try with me. I am always taken aback by these thoughtful occurrences, which I find stunning since they come from those who have not chosen the same path as me. I interpret them as a form of support and respect for my choice to become vegan.

One such occurrence happened to me last week when my wonderful friends, Sue and Mark, spotted a booth selling vegan chocolate while spending a leisurely Saturday at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s 20th Chile Pepper Festival. On a side note, I have never been to the Chile Pepper Festival, but it is apparently a wonderful event featuring music and dance, workshops, and a lineup of the region’s best culinary artists, all inspired by the extraordinary chile pepper and the cultures that cook with it. In any event, I received a phone call from Sue and Mark who wanted to buy me some chocolate by the company “Rescue Chocolate” and wanted to know what flavors I would prefer. Talk about thoughtful! Although I stated that it was not necessary, they insisted on buying me a gift of the chocolate. I told them to pick the flavors.

Mark and Sue bought me three scrumptious Rescue Chocolate bars: Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Forever Mocha and Mission Feral Fig. These incredibly delicious chocolate bars impressed me in a huge way. The Peanut Butter Pit Bull was creamy and delicious and probably my favorite. However, I downed the Forever Mocha in about 5 seconds and words couldn’t describe the yumminess of the Mission Feral Fig. For the record, Rescue Chocolate does make a flavor called “Pick Me! Pepper” which fit right into the theme of the Chili Pepper Festival. Anyway, these top quality chocolate bars are handcrafted in Brooklyn and 100% of the net profits from the sale of each chocolate bar are donated to rescue organizations around the country. Did you get that? That’s right…100% of the net profits from each chocolate bar sold are donated to animal rescue. Rescue Chocolates are vegan, certified Kosher Parve and come in irresistable eco-friendly packaging displaying cute animals. You gotta’ love that! Thank you Sue and Mark for introducing me to this wonderful chocolate!

Let me add that Rescue Chocolate’s motto is “the sweetest way to save a life!” I couldn’t agree more. If you are interested in finding out which animal rescue organizations are helped by Rescue Chocolate or where to purchase these delicious chocolates you can go directly to Rescue Chocolate’s website. You can also purchase Rescue Chocolate directly online.


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