Staying Vegan While Visiting College Campuses

imagesToday, I will begin traveling with my husband and youngest son to visit some college campuses. We will be away for one week and our trip will involve both car and plane travel. I will try to get in a few blogs during the week to talk about how I stayed vegan during our college hop. I also plan to blog about any issues which I feel are noteworthy concerning vegan life as it relates to college campuses.

We will be covering some major metropolitan areas, so I hope to be able to get in a review or two of some great vegan eateries. If you are interested, I previously did a post about Staying Vegan On The Road which I wrote just before we took our oldest son to begin his freshman year of college in upstate New York.

So, if you are interested in hearing about my upcoming week, stay tuned. Additionally, I am anticipating a great blog or two from my co-blogger, Ellen.



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