Strong Hearts Cafe In Syracuse, New York

Where does one go for a huge selection of delectable vegan milkshakes named after some of the world’s greatest activists, leaders and celebrities for peace such as Nelson Mandela, John Lennon or Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Where could you chow down on peanut butter and jelly french toast made with sliced bananas and Italian bread dipped in a vegan french toast batter? Or have a vegan “Irish Stew” as the soup of the day? There is only one place that I know of and that is the Strong Hearts Cafe located at 719 E. Genessee Street in Syracuse, New York.

My visit to the Strong Hearts Cafe was a vegan experience like no other. I am not a Doc Marten’s type of girl, but I really wished I was wearing a pair while sipping my “Farm Sanctuary” caramel cookie dough milkshake at Strong Hearts. I cannot tell you exactly why I felt this way, but I think it was the cafe’s vibe which I can only describe as hip, groovy and somewhat retro. Check out the menu…

My husband ordered this “loaded” tofu scramble (and I mean “loaded”) with everything under the sun, including pesto, seitan and vegan cheese…

I ordered this lovely soba noodle salad with tofu which was delicious…

You really don’t believe that I only ate a soba noodle salad with that awesome menu, do you? Of course not, silly goose! I also split a barbecue tempeh sandwich with my husband. Feast your eyes on this!

Check out my son’s vegan french toast too!

I could not resist this scrumptious chocolate mint cupcake. And it was scrumptious!

What more can I say? Not much, except that I wish my photos were better and that I highly recommend that you visit the Strong Hearts Cafe if you ever happen to be in or near the City of Syracuse, New York.


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