The Health Nuts In Westbury, New York

“The Health Nuts” is a chain of health food stores with locations in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. I am most familiar with The Health Nuts store and cafe located at 92 Old Country Road in Westbury, Long Island which is a fabulous place to buy vegan foods, snacks, supplements, or to grab a fresh organic juice or casual lunch.

I was recently shopping in the area with my husband, and we decided to pop into The Health Nuts cafe for a quick lunch. I haven’t been there in quite some time so I forgot just how much they had to offer for vegans. The fruits and vegetables used at the juice bar looked incredibly fresh. There were so many choices of juices and smoothies, it was difficult to decide what to order.

My husband ordered a banana almond smoothie and vegetable soup for lunch. Delicious!

There was a rather large section behind the food counter designated specifically for vegan foods. Everything looked really good, but I ultimately decided to order some mixed greens topped with a black quinoa salad. It was a solid choice!

As you can see, The Health Nuts cafe is perfect for a casual lunch, juice or snack if you happen to be shopping or doing anything else in the area. In the store which is attached to the cafe, The Health Nuts sells every supplement you can imagine, natural cosmetics and body care products, a wide variety of health foods, prepared refrigerated wraps and sandwiches, and organic snacks of every kind. They also sell some great vegan frozen desserts such as the Rice Dream “ice cream” cookie pies and pops which are not sold in either my neighborhood supermarket or at my local Whole Foods. I love those Rice Dream pies!

So if you are a health nut and wish to have a nice green juice or do a little healthy grocery shopping, be sure not to forget about The Health Nuts store and cafe in Westbury, Long Island or at a location near you.


  1. Questionable business practices. Be careful.

  2. Back in the summer of 2002 Mi brother Ángel & I Mario Cabrera went to the store to purchase some items and found the doors unlocked. We called the police and handed the Store to them. 3 weeks later the Owner wanted to meet us. So we went there to meet him. He hugged us & thanked for the Good Deed (According to Him) We just did what was right, nothing else. The Owner was an excellent human been. We became friends ever since.Happy New Year Sr.

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