Veggie Heaven In Upper Montclair, New Jersey

Although I live on the north shore of Long Island, New York, I often visit my family in New Jersey. During these visits, I always insist on going to the fabulous Veggie Heaven restaurant located at 631 Valley Road in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. As far as I’m concerned, Veggie Heaven is the best Asian vegetarian restaurant around. Lucky for New Jerseyites, Veggie Heaven also has locations in Teaneck and Denville. I have never been to the Teaneck location, but I was fortunate enough to have tried the Denville restaurant which did not disappoint.

I absolutely love the Veggie Heaven restaurant in Upper Montclair which I frequent regularly. If you go there, I would suggest that you tell your waiter that you want your soups and/or appetizers to be served first. They sometimes have a tendency to bring out everything at once. Other than that, Veggie Heaven is my idea of perfection. I decided to take a photo of a Veggie Heaven placemat which sets forth the restaurants’ philosophy and ingredients used in their foods. Clearly, I should have taken the photo before the meal was served, but the words are readable in this photo.

Everything in the restaurant is vegan and they only use healthy, nutritious vegetable oils to prepare their foods. The menu is extensive and includes soups, appetizers, fried rice and noodles, chef’s specialties, main entrees and assorted teas and beverages. I usually drink water, but feast your eyes on this pineapple ice tea which my brother ordered….

I absolutely love Veggie Heaven’s Homemade Hot and Sour Soup. I order it every time I go there. This photo is a little fuzzy. Sorry!

My favorite appetizer is the Scallion Pancakes which are served with a delicious brown sauce and are crisped to perfection!

I always order the Ting Ting Two Flavor¬†as an entree which is comprised of a fried crispy “beef” and fried tofu with cashew nuts sauteed in a spicy sweet brown sauce with Chinese broccoli. I absolutely LOVE this dish! I would go so far as to state that it is the best vegan meal I have ever had in a vegan restaurant!

It is really amazing served with steamy brown rice…

The Spicy Tofu Hot Pot is also delicious, but cannot compare with the Ting Ting Two Flavor (in my opinion).

This dish is also beautiful next to some piping hot brown rice…

For the record, I have had the Sesame “Chicken” entree (served with fresh mushrooms and broccoli) many times in the past. I highly recommend this wonderful dish which is a favorite of my teenage sons.

The restaurant offers several vegan dessert options including carrot, chocolate and coconut cakes, as well as a variety of soy ice creams. I was able to squeeze in a little soy ice cream to top off my wonderful Veggie Heaven meal…

What more can I say? Veggie Heaven is a “must try” for anyone interested in a fabulous vegan restaurant serving Asian cuisine. I would even suggest traveling from anywhere in the metropolitan area if you crave great Asian vegan food. It’s that good! I only wish Long Island had a comparable restaurant. Oh well; one can only hope!


  1. Yep – great place!

  2. It certainly is!

  3. Larry Hampton says:

    Dang that sounds and looks delicious!

  4. Its pretty cool what blogging can perform. Connect you with all others.

  5. I went there years ago and didn’t love it- thanks for giving me a reason to try it again!

  6. Does this soy product contain HEXANE?

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