“Beyond Meat” Pitches Meatless Burger To New York Mets

"LET'S GO METS! LET'S GO METS!"... You have no idea how many times I've heard those words chanted by the crowd at Shea Stadium and Citifield! My son Alex has been | readmore


“No-Oil” Vegan Cooking & Gingered Collard Greens Recipe

The goal of Vegan American Princess is to be a fun resource for all things vegan, because Ellen and I believe that veganism is intertwined with every major world | readmore


6 Easy, Award-Winning Fake Bacon Recipes….Hard to Believe It’s This Simple!

Creating the closest thing to bacon without using any animal-derived ingredients might seem like an impossible goal, so why even bother to go after it, you might | readmore


16 Handles Introduces “Yo Soy Vanilla” Vegan Frozen Yogurt!

Remember my good friend Debbie? You know, the friend that introduced me to the vegan line of Big Skinny wallets? Well, once again, Debbie spotted another great find | readmore


Hot, Vegan Clothing All Over the Fall Nordstrom Anniversary Pre-Sale Catalogue!

We just started summer and, already, fall and winter clothing will be showing up in stores very soon. If you're an early shopper and you love to get a jump on the | readmore


“Big Skinny” Wallets Provide Vegan Options

If you've been searching for a new vegan wallet, you may want to consider the ultra-thin nylon microfiber wallets from the brand Big Skinny. Big Skinny boasts that | readmore


GO BLUE Blueberry & Lemon Cupcakes: Celebrate Your Team Spirit!!

If you’re super passionate about your beloved sports teams, whether it’s college, high school or professional (or all 3 if you’re a typical crazy fan), you certainly | readmore


Easy & Delicious: Classic “Chick’n Piccata” with Lemon and Capers

Occasionally, like tonight, I want to eat something delicious that looks like chicken and tastes like chicken and even feels like chicken, BUT I don’t want it to BE | readmore


Can the “TODAY” Show Anchors Tell the Difference Between “Real” Meat and “Beyond Meat?”

Matt Lauer   Al Roker   Carson Daly   Tamron Hall---WHAT'S YOUR VERDICT? On a recent “TODAY” show, host Matt Lauer along with his panel of impartial tasters, Al | readmore


VAP Beauty Product Review: Pacifica, Zoya, Poo-Pourri, Hugo’s Naturals & Allafia

My love for trying out new beauty products goes back to my teen years when $5 could go a long way at the drugstore, while cruising the aisles looking at the new nail | readmore

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